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Stilton Jarlsberg, creator of Johnny Optimsm, is a little twisted, sure– but we like that.  We think it’s original.  More to the point, he’s non-PC and we like that even more.  Jokes involving illnesses or physical challenges are supposed to be Wrong and Against The Rules and Mean… at least if you’re like most weepy lefties we know.  As for the rest of mankind, i.e. those of us who aren’t afraid to laugh over the human comedy in all its fascinating permutations and who refuse to cower in some PC corner– Johnny Optimism is just plain outside-the-box fun.  More here.


Check it out here— great piece by journalist Joe Hatton.

Hope ‘n’ Change is like an alternate universe experience:  all the news & latest headlines are the same as in our world, except they’re funny.  John Boehner is here preparing to take the gavel from Pelosi, but this time he’s threatening her with it.  New congressional Republicans read aloud from the Constitution, and in response a Democrat rises demonically from a bed a la “The Exorcist.”  Creator Stilton Jarlsberg presents thorough highlights of what’s going down in the world in a style anything but smelly or European despite his name.   It’s a blog I still go back to regularly and recommend highly, especially if you can’t stand leftists.

SondraK’s astounding blog is one of the two or three most entertaining spots on the web, it’s now been scientifically proven.  She digs up photos, issues and things to laff about better than anybody and comments on them with fun, hard-to-describe edginess.  This photo and the caption below give a hint at the kind of no-holds-barred smokin’ original conservative observation that goes down here at breakneck speed.  Check it out as soon as possible, ignore it at your own risk.
 it’s art.
Angry, angry art.
Via David Thompson, we learn of an amusing protest at the Tate museum, in which we see a fascinating breakdown in lefty logic.
David expands on it well but the long and short of it is, the protesters who are pissed that the government is cutting funding – i.e. tax dollars – to the Tate are the same bunch who, not so long ago, protested the acceptance of funding from BP estimated at nearly 500,000 pounds, or crumpets, or whatever they use for money in middle earth.  The money is only acceptable if it’s taken by force.
We also see a complete breakdown of the “svelte & sexy European vs. fat pasty American” trope.

Diversity Lane would like to thank VDARE, the courageous website supported by former Forbes editor Peter Brimelow and his VDARE Foundation.  Focusing on illegal immigration and related issues, this is one of the most stunningly honest and therefore important sites I know of and it was a great honor to receive their attention in this recent piece.

Thanks To Frontpage Magazine for this piece, which ran at the website earlier this week.  I’m most grateful to founder David Horowitz, editor Jamie Glazov and all involved at Frontpage, easily one of the world’s most important and courageous websites for many years now.

Afficionados of George Orwell, political fables, political cartoons and powerful symbolic imagery, take note: Oliver’s Tale, Paul Ibbetson’s conservative twist on Animal Farm, has just been released and is now available at Paul’s website, and  A press release discloses fascinating hints of what’s to come: “…The story of how one average squirrel became a servant of God and led a revolution to save the animals of Three Fingers Cove [from] the Gray Skunk, the most mesmerizing and dangerous foe the Cove has ever faced.”    This sounds not only like a one-of-a-kind literary feast for any political junkie but also a sort of Essential Reading for your children or grandchildren to help them comprehend the ever-unvanquished threat of the Left– particularly these tumultuous days.   Author, columnist and radio host Paul (The Conscience of Kansas) Ibbetson’s unique background makes the prospect of this political read all the more intriguing:  among many other credits he’s a former Chief of Police holding an MA in Criminal Justice and currently completing his Ph.D. in Sociology.  I can’t imagine anyone better equipped to man the helm of an allegorical warning about the perils of liberalism.

This letter was actually sent to Coakley prior to her failed bid for office in Massachusetts, by (who else) Jason Sanborn of the always fun Letters to Liberals blog.

Dear Martha Coakley,

It appears that you have been slipping in recent polls.  The seemingly unthinkable now seems possible.  You could lose this election and a seat that has been held by Democrats for many, many years. Your opponent, Scott Brown, has been receiving support from all around America and you are on your last day before the election.

In a last minute plea, you turn to the Great Divider for help.  I suppose that you were unaware of his recent track record as you were unaware that Curt Schilling played for the Red Sox.  Possibly you were too busy defending the citizens from Aqua Teen Hunger Force to notice that the Red Sox won in 2004 and 2007, note Schilling was in the line-up both years.  Obama was not able to help either Deeds in Virginia or Corzine in New Jersey, yet in an act of desperation you were out of options.

This special election comes at an important time.  A time when the People have an opportunity to send a message to Washington that the seat did not belong to Ted Kennedy but that he was endowed by the People to serve and represent them.  This seat now has an opportunity to either hold the 60th vote for Democrat Socialism or to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

Be it only appropriate that our plea for freedom come on this day, to celebrate Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Lord, hear our prayer.  Let Freedom Ring from Lexington to Concord.  Let Freedom Ring from Chatham to Great Williamstown.  Let Freedom Ring from Amesbury to Siasconset.  Let Freedom Ring in the State of Massachusetts to that all of America may hear Freedom Ring.

I implore you on January 19th when you go to the polls to cast your vote along with your fellow citizens of Massachusetts,  that you think of Our Nation, One Nation under God and vote for Scott Brown.

Jason Sanborn

From the soon to be former State of Texas

Hope ‘n’ Change is manned by suspiciously named author/artist Stilton Jarlsberg.  He hates lefty Democrats, has a great sense of fun and possesses the largest collection of old graphic clip-art and cartoons known to man; what more could you ask for in a conservative blog?  For extra credit he maintains a very regular running commentary on the news in a pithy, appropriately Obama-skewering tone that should keep you coming back for tomorrow’s installment.  Super-creative and much recommended.

Here’s a real find:  Chad Kent Speaks is a new website with short videos featuring young professional public speaker Chad’s exciting, down to earth approach to American government.  You’ll come away from these a) interested all over again about our Founding Principles and b) wishing these videos were longer.   Fortunately you can find more of his public speaking at the blog linked at this website and at Youtube where I found these.   Highly recommended for you, your family and your kid who thinks he doesn’t care about dry historical stuff and what’s really in the Constitution but will learn that he does after hearing a couple of these vids.  Liberals, beware: this stuff scoffs at the “living Constitution” concept and may be harmful to your self-delusions.

Jason Sanborn never lets you down.  With his outward calm yet inner smoldering disgust for what the “progressives” have wrought upon the world, upon America, hell, even upon the Democrat Party, he echoes many of our sentiments and does it with impeccably vicious sarcasm.  Check out this letter to Jimmy Carter to see what I mean.

The original term “iron curtain” was coined by Churchill.  (Winston, that is; the radical U of Colorado professor by the same name is irrelevant.)   He didn’t have theater curtains in mind but considering the amount of persecution of non-liberals that goes on in the entertainment arts, maybe he should have.  That’s why any conservative actor to emerge from that left-lurching, intellectually strait-jacketed world is such a welcome commodity.   Confessions of a Closet Republican is the blog of just such an actor and I enjoy reading her thoughts regularly.  So will you.  Just don’t expect her to give her real name, though; like all conservatives in any of the arts, that would without question result in untold harassment at best and out and out blacklisting at worst a la Joseph McCarthy (though infinitely more widespread). 

“Incognito” is smart and interesting– visit her site, I know you’ll like it.

Learn all about Lympians at!  Before you start racking your memory of  Native American studies or extra-terrestrial species, I’ll give you a hint: the term is short for Olympians, i.e. liberal types residing around Olympia, WA and apparently just as nutty as their brethren from Berkeley or Manhattan.  Check in on Sondra K. as she fearlessly skewers these greener-than-green wackos in posts that are as edgy and fun as they are conservative.

I see the hot new blog Letters To Liberals as a series of elegantly phrased, impeccably well-groomed envelopes which once you open them turn out to be full of gun powder and dynamite.   Creator Jason Sanborn understands the pestilence called Obama through and through, and in his drily delivered but scathingly mocking letters & etc. you can really learn a lot about what’s going down politically these days.  Plus get a good laugh while you’re at it.  Recommended!

There’s no better name for a blog or website than that, so I won’t even try to top it with a clever post title.  I Own The World is a humor site for those who liked Airplane! and prefer their jazz real rather than “smooth.”  When you tire of the ersatz-edginess of people like Letterman– whose worldview afterall fits neatly into the Katie Couric/Oprah Winfrey intellectual continuum– try this stuff.  Nary a PC post to be found… breathe the air of Freedom!

Something tells me  The Lonely Conservative isn’t raising any spoiled, whiney children.  It comes through in her edgy forthrightness: she just doesn’t take any guff from self-important liberal-Left types, and I don’t think she’d take any from her kids either.  These are the kind of posts that ring with humor due to their intelligent honesty (and honesty about the inane words and actions of the Left can be pretty damn funny).  Give her a visit, she’s in a Blue State and could use some thoughtful company for a change.

The Desert Glows Green , manned by Vegas Art Guy, chronicles the day to day travails of a teacher (9th grade English class starts in the Fall) with a conservative and Christian outlook.  Also a voracious reader with whom you can chat up the dozens of books he reads per quarter.  If that scenario doesn’t provide enough drama for you, he’s also a man committed to maintaining good values and decency in his classes.   (Below: one of the posters he’s thinking of putting up come September.  See what I mean?)  Swing by his spot, it’s impossible not to like this very smart, very good-natured teacher and master blog diarist. 


The Barn is a fresh new blog I think a lot of my readers will appreciate.  The writing is super-smart but edgy, big-hearted but pulling no punches.  Even some fine rock music manages to find its way in, bolstering my longtime belief that it is conservatism, not left/liberalism, that most aptly reflects the true edgy spirit of rock.   (In an age when the typical would-be “dangerous” rocker’s opinions conform rather closely to those of Katie Couric, my faith in the politico-ideological underpinnings of the current rock scene has been pretty well shattered.)  Anyway, check out The Barn, you’ll have fun and learn a lot too.

From The Conscience of Kansas, Paul A. Ibbetson’s great radio show.  Zack’s is the last interview on this link,  approximately the final third of the broadcast.


This coming Tuesday, June 30, my interview with outstanding author and talk show host Paul A. Ibbetson will be aired on his lively show, The Conscience of Kansas.  The interview is scheduled for 5:00 PM Central Time and can be heard on KSDB 91.9 “The Wildcat” in the Kansas area.  It will also be available at Blog Talk Radio, or better yet go to Paul’s website The Conscience of Kansas around 5:00 PM Central this Tuesday and give a listen.  The site is well worth bookmarking anyway: Paul’s got a fantastic backlog of interviews (Dinesh D’Sousa, Rick Santorum, Paul Shanklin, etc.)  as well as editorials, columns and books he’s authored that can be purchased at the website.  He’s a vital force  in modern conservatism and I had a blast chatting with him about Diversity Lane.

You can’t get more Heartland than either Kansas or Paul A. Ibbetson, at his superb site The Conscience of Kansas.  Author, lecturer, former Chief of Police and radio talker, he’s also currently working on his Ph.D– all while maintaining a great sense of humor.  Bookmark his site– it’s got a wealth of highly interesting radio podcasts to keep handy for the next time Rush goes on too long about his latest golf game or Sean gets embroiled in conversation with a liberal nutcase.  Also well worth investigating are his books, which I’ll be ordering this week.  I left this smart, fun site feeling like I’d made a very impressive new friend.

Jose Reyes (one of my favorite blogging journalists because he is one of the most passionate) writes as ever with the fury of one who has walked the walk– in this case an all-too-concrete familiarity with the hell of Castro’s Cuba.  Today at Cubanology  he starts out:  The UN Human Rights Council is a total disgrace to use the term “human rights” and should appropriately be renamed  “The UN Inhumane Rights Council.” The United Nations should not exist because it violates the exact purpose and reason why it was established and created. There is no better example of misrepresentation than the favorable non-discriminating treatment towards the Cuban regime. Cuba is the perfect example of how the UN handles and conducts business within its sinful walls. For its members to knowingly turn a blind eye away from the 50 years of tyrannical rule in Cuba can only be classified as Evil. 

That’s just a warm up.  He follows with copious details and background on the shocking self-contradiction that is the UN.  You can check out the rest here.

Imagine stumbling long and dangerously through the darkness of a nation thoroughly fogged up by Progressivism,  then suddenly coming across a pristine village where all the inhabitants love America, flags are for waving (not burning)  and A,C, L and U are just letters in the alphabet, untainted by destructive organizations.  You’ve reached Conservababes , a large, joyfully conservative cluster of bloggers (men and women can be Conservababes, it turns out).  Pull up a comfy chair,  pour yourself a cup of coffee (or something stronger) and just hang out:  you’re safe now.  Handy navigation tips will help you weave your way through the many topics, forums and personalities but getting lost is part of the fun as it turns out and at least you’ll be among friends.

I found  this powerful rallying cry over at Social Sense, the top-notch blog manned by former Marine and current writing ace Mustang.  Hope you’ll take five minutes or less to absorb its absolutely essential reminder for our time: that in numbers we have the power to halt the arrogant and destructive Obamite tax & spend orgy presently bankrupting ourselves and future generations.  Killer stuff, a real keeper.

I don’t know if Z, the guiding force behind supercool blog geeeeeZ! has any cheerleading in her past– but that’s the kind of zest she brings to this  patriotic blog and that’s what helps put it over the top.  A wonderful blend of conservatism, light-heartedness, artistic savvy and old-fashioned goodness, it’s one of those spots that leaves me both educated and in a good mood.  Another big plus: some of the most fascinating commentors anywhere.  She just seems to attract them.

In My Copious Free Time is one of those sites I think of as “good cuppa coffee blogs.”  Like that morning cup of joe it’s an utterly warm and pleasant presence, all the while delivering that special jolt that sets it apart from, say, orange juice (or, to finish out the metaphor, from many other personal-reflection type blogs).  Wes is a fine, thoughtful, creative writer, conservative, interesting, multifaceted and upbeat.  You can’t do better than to stop in and check out his latest unique ruminations on politics, the culture and everything in between.

This link, found at the essential Cubanology,  will access a lengthy and leisurely tour through Hell– courtesy of the U.S.S.R. and it’s humanity-hating worldview.   More specifically it’s a devastating first person account of the philosophy and methods of  Communism, reported in near-scientific detail by courageous ex-KGB-member-turned-defector Yuri Bezmenov.  Gather your family, this is a searing educational document, delivered by one who lived it.  Lecture is in nine parts, plus a second lecture and other material are also available here.

In a clear, smart voice immune from over-excitability, The Steady Conservative has long been a site I go to for sanity.  Maybe it’s the blogger’s West Point background, his two tours of duty in Iraq as an Army officer or his engineer training; whatever the causes, the discipline and clear-sightedness come through in every detail of this excellent blog.   Posting frequent, highly informed and interesting entries, it should be promoted to the front ranks of your Must Visit list.

…by sassy new website Concerned Citizens for Communal Prosperity.   “It’s just another Lefty hangout,” you snort, preparing to exit; then you notice the tiny hammer & sickle emblazoned on the side of  the Democrat donkey, the slightly overblown halo above Obama’s head, and the shameless profusion of the color red everywhere.  Yes– this is a put-on; the cries of “I’m proud to be a liberal” and “Stand up for our Barack” are ersatz; and you’re in the middle of a very well done hoax.  But the news items are genunine enough, and you can really catch up on the latest buffoonery from the oafish and dangerous Left at this fun-spirited and useful site, with blog attached.

This blogsite– Grey Complex, Piercing Azure Sky— is absolutely unique and extraordinary.  It’s a hard-to-describe amalgam of free-floating, poetic imagery and thinking, but despite those seemingly “artsy” attributes is undoubtedly conservative politically and thus safe for non-braindead, non-Leftist folk with a yen for a place of depth and imagination.  Frequent postings of actual college notes– enormously resonant of those days of furious learning, leavened with humor– will so take you back to your seat in the 3rd row, Poli-Sci that you can smell the chalk dust in the air.  A true must-visit for thoughtful types.

If you ever wanted to experience Cuba– its culture and politics– from the legendary and storied  pre-Castro days to the fascinating dystopian commie nightmare of today, this is a fantastic place to start.   The blog’s richly well-informed columns and visuals covering a profoundly troubled yet still beloved land will educate you; its personal tone will unfailingly hold your interest.  Always well-grounded and conservative in outlook: no fawning, Jack Nicholson-style tributes to Fidel in sight.  Enjoy your vist, no passport required.

American Thinker describes itself as a “daily internet publication devoted to the thoughtful exploration of issues of importance to Americans.”  While accurate, this slightly dry description doesn’t begin to touch on the excitingly smart and probing nature of the writing here by many hands (all especially talented and perceptive).  Want the best possible arguments about the fallacies and dangers of modern liberalism to understand and quote to your acquaintances?  It’s all here, most thoughtfully presented.  A must-read.

Fort Hard Knox has to be among the most well-organized blogs I know.  It’s like a complete, easy-to-navigate online digest with News items, Op-Ed section, Blogger tutorials, a Satire department and plenty more– all beautifully compartmentalized and user-friendly.  Did I mention?  It’s also clear-sighted and patriotic, with nary a Lefty presence in sight.  Brew up that coffee and get ready to spend a thoroughly enjoyable morning rummaging around at this one.

Moonbattery  brilliantly and unflinchingly focuses on the innumerable moonbats of the Left– politicians, criminals, intellectuals, Democrats, the whole lot of them– with laserbeam precision.  (A recent post included a photo of a mountain of bleached human bones with the caption: The Left brought Change to Cambodia.)  In savage but accurate writing, videos and more, maestro Van Helsing lifts the rock and shines the flashlight for the world to see on the dark monstrosities of the Left, many of them unexposed practically anywhere else, like this Communist Party USA rap song praising Obama.  This is one of those blogs that can truly change minds.  An absolute must-visit, daily.

A staple conservative stomping ground should be GOP Mom and for tons of folks it already is.  The subheading (“Mom knows best”) may sound comfy but the reporting and writing is rock-solid and peppered with no-nonsense assertions that ring true.  (About the biased reporters leaving Alaska to pounce on Joe the Plumber, she writes: “Apparently all those dejected journalists that had to leave Alaska in shame have reconvened in Northwest Ohio and they are hungry for blood.”)

It’s also stringently up-to-date and wide-ranging in its news coverage.  A recent posting of the complete 6-part video expose of Obama by Sean Hannity (here’s Part One) is an essential keeper, and there are countless other treasures for news-hounds lurking here.  Five Stars for solid writing and reporting, Mom.

Matt Veasey over at the aptly named Matt Veasey blog surveys the worlds of politcs, religion, law and order, baseball and lots more, always with excellent, in-depth analysis.  As fascinating as it is educational, Matt will take you deep into the inner workings of law enforcement in a way I have found nowhere else.  His posts on faith, often Catholicism, are essential conservative reading.  Time spent here is time well-spent indeed.

This blog– BUUUUURRRRNING HOT–is FUN.  Riddled with a serious conservative’s ponderings of things political and religious yet laced with humor, it’s a hard combination to beat.  (A recent heading was “If Ann Coulter Were A Rocker, She’d Be Ted Nugent.”)  Also mixed in is the ongoing chronicle of a family kitten, and the best conservative political cartoons available anywhere.  And in case you get the urge to delve deeply into the mind-blowing politics of Malaysia, that’s here too and (it’s far more interesting than a lot of Westerners might have thought.  Compelling, in fact).  Loaded with personality and intelligence, this blog’s a real keeper.

Not just an old movie but also an exceptional blog is Shot In The Dark.  Also a nationally known talk show host for The Northern Alliance, blogger/author Mitch Berg provides luxuriant, in depth explorations of politics both northern and national.  You’ll be hugely informed and lots smarter by the time you leave this blog, and the radio show is among the most listenable and appealing in the country.

Also very fine is Twisted Spinster.  Eccentric, provocative and honest.  Covers politics and plenty more from a fun and twisted conservative angle.  Like no other, that’s for sure.

Red Tide is an excellent Massachusetts-based blog with the ominous subheading, “Massachusetts is On Its Way and Obama Will Lead the Nation the Rest of the Way.”  Fittingly, it charts the fall of a liberal-run state with great depth and topicality, dovetailing perfectly with national Left-wing machinations.  A 10/10/08 post tracking the appalling history of ACORN remains extremely useful, as do many others here.  Top-notch reporting.

A particularly alert & up to date blogger is Dee Vantuyl at Conservatism With Heart.  Also catch her excellent talk show podcasts.  With any luck we might get her on the weekends out here instead of “How to Care for Your Begonias” shows.

For a glimpse into the covert world of an actress with the gall to think conservatively visit Confessions of a Closet Republican.  All conservatives in the arts in need of a likeminded blogger are urged to attend (and so is everyone else).

Then there’s Vegas Art Guy who mans the helm at The Desert Glows Green.  He’s a rare blend of conservative man of faith and school teacher (6th grade, currently).  Lots of inherent drama here as he chronicles life in the modern classroom. 

Another thoroughly enjoyable one is Saberpoint.  Very smart, funny writing plus the continued evolution of various creative projects.  Always fresh and up to date.