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Woodside, CA– 1960s songbird Joan Baez is “resting comfortably” at an undisclosed location after falling 20 feet to the ground from a treehouse– a treehouse she purposely had built without walls because she wanted to sleep among real birds at her Woodside, CA home.  (continued…)






Jason Sanborn never lets you down.  With his outward calm yet inner smoldering disgust for what the “progressives” have wrought upon the world, upon America, hell, even upon the Democrat Party, he echoes many of our sentiments and does it with impeccably vicious sarcasm.  Check out this letter to Jimmy Carter to see what I mean.










 (In his latest blast, “Letter To President Obama,” Jason Sanborn shows why liberals need to be afraid, very afraid.  Jsaon would be happy to circulate this so please contact me at if you’d like a copy.  Or copy the letter as it is here, but then change the color of the font when you paste it.) 
Mr. President,
 You have given hope to the citizens of the United States as well as the world.  With this historic election, you have shown that in America anything can be possible.  Now that we have moved past the first 100 days, we can get a picture of your vision for our Country.  We can see what you promised us in your message of change.
 Thank you for putting Immigration Reform on your to-do list.  I understand with the current economical situation that securing our boarders and deporting Illegal Immigrants cannot be at the forefront of items to take care of, especially with unemployment increasing.  Your proposed stance of bringing illegal immigrants into the legal system by recognizing that they violated the law, and imposing fines and other penalties to fit the offense will surely deter any future lawlessness.  Besides with GM moving $1 billion in their government financial aid to their Brazil operations, maybe the illegal immigrants will follow.  I am sure that when the time comes you will again call on advisors to break out in to focus groups and come up with solutions.
 Thank you for your work on the job market.  You said that the recovery plan will save or create about 3.5 million jobs.  But I must inquire, how do you quantify which jobs were not lost?  The National Unemployment Rate is now about 8.9%.  539,000 jobs were lost in April while 663,000 jobs were lost in March.  But I must inquire, are you holding the big savings for November Sweeps?
 Thank you for bringing a new light of focus on the National Debt.  On the campaign trail,  you said that President Bush was practicing “reckless” economic policies that are “mortgaging our children’s future on a mountain of debt.”  Well, the deficit has changed.  It Increased.  In 2004, President Bush set a budget with a record $521 billion dollars in deficit.  Your estimates for the 2010 budget call for nearly $1.2 trillion in new deficit.  Which will actually be down from the CBO estimates of $1.8 trillion gap this year.  Now, that’s change we can not only believe in but that we can also see.
 Thank you for working on foreign relations.  You sought to bring a changed world view of United States.  You have reached out to nations that we have not been on the best of terms with to improve their perception of us.  This has apparently already begun to work.  Now countries like Iran and North Korea are no longer concerned about US involvement in their actions.  In fact, Iran is sending warships in to international waters, while North Korea is testing their long range missiles.  Without you, this would not have been possible.
 Thank you for acting swiftly in your judgment.  Jimmy Carter took a little over three years to create the image of the U.S. as a confused and soft power, you have managed to do that in your first 100 days.  I understand the necessity to act urgently on important matters, a five day waiting period should only apply to handguns not to laws.  After all, I am sure that you thoroughly review every bill and remove all pork before signing them.  I am also sure that the American people can feel safe from special interest groups.  On Jan. 1 there were 4,611 political action committees, 9 percent more than the 4,234 PACs a year earlier.  But with your promise of reducing the role of lobbyists, we can rest assured that they will not be in the Halls of Congress trying to influence decisions since your lifting the ban on former registered lobbyists working in the administration.
 However with your previous experience in community affairs, I am certain that we are headed in a direction.  I look forward to long lines at the gas pump, doctors office, and unemployment office.  I can tell my grandchildren about how there were 50 States until the “Great Unifier” came along and they separated.
Thank you for bringing Change,
Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas