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Monthly Archives: December 2008




It takes real resilience and moral certitude to be a Jewish or a Black conservative: you’re battling not only the Left-leaning culture all around us assuring us that conservatives are scum, but also the vast majority of your co-religionists/shared ethnic-group.   You gotta really mean it to buck the system on this scale.  Maybe that’s why among our most persuasive anti-Leftists are Blacks and Jews.  Think of the power of  Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele; of David Horowitz and Mark Levin, just to skim the surface of great Black and Jewish voices on the Right.  Along these lines you can’t do better than a regular visit to Vocal Minority.  Ostensibly “The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary,”  it is actually a universally appealing blogstop full of withering criticism and righteous passion as Eric lays it all out clearly with example after example of what’s going wrong in America and the West and what needs to be done to get back on track.   This blog really has the Left’s number.  Don’t miss it.