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Monthly Archives: November 2008



We’ve all seen and shuddered over Michelle’s election night creation, so aptly compared to the stylings of a Black Widow spider at blogs like Annie’s Inferno and Moonbattery.   What should her next Major Dress Statement be?  Help us decide by sending in your votes or Comments now!


American Thinker describes itself as a “daily internet publication devoted to the thoughtful exploration of issues of importance to Americans.”  While accurate, this slightly dry description doesn’t begin to touch on the excitingly smart and probing nature of the writing here by many hands (all especially talented and perceptive).  Want the best possible arguments about the fallacies and dangers of modern liberalism to understand and quote to your acquaintances?  It’s all here, most thoughtfully presented.  A must-read.


ChildScare Worker


Fort Hard Knox has to be among the most well-organized blogs I know.  It’s like a complete, easy-to-navigate online digest with News items, Op-Ed section, Blogger tutorials, a Satire department and plenty more– all beautifully compartmentalized and user-friendly.  Did I mention?  It’s also clear-sighted and patriotic, with nary a Lefty presence in sight.  Brew up that coffee and get ready to spend a thoroughly enjoyable morning rummaging around at this one.





Alex Lane: “What do I look forward to under Barack?  How about the end of the Bush Police State?  Ever hear of a little thing called Guantanamo Bay?  There’s innocent people rotting in that place.  All they’re asking for is a little civility.  Know what they get instead?  Frayed prayer rugs.  Used Korans.  Yeah okay the meals are prepared according to Islamic guidelines– big deal!   What kind of quality control?  What kind of ingredients?  That’s not Julia Child back there in the kitchen.   Auschwitz, American-style– thank you, Mr. Bush.”

Many thanks to The Michigan Review, one of America’s top conservative college journals (University of Michigan), for featuring a Diversity Lane cartoon in the Opinion Section of the current issue.  It’s an honor to be a contributor to this important publication.