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Fort Hard Knox has to be among the most well-organized blogs I know.  It’s like a complete, easy-to-navigate online digest with News items, Op-Ed section, Blogger tutorials, a Satire department and plenty more– all beautifully compartmentalized and user-friendly.  Did I mention?  It’s also clear-sighted and patriotic, with nary a Lefty presence in sight.  Brew up that coffee and get ready to spend a thoroughly enjoyable morning rummaging around at this one.



  1. Linky?

  2. Thanks Scott, good call.

  3. linky? what kind of code is that…?

  4. Incog: Oh, that’s just a secret Malaysian codeword known only to Me and Scott from BUUUUURRRRNING HOT.

    (Actually– Scott had been humorously alerting me to the fact that I’d neglected to create a hyperlink for Fort Hard Knox on this post. Since his cryptic cue I have corrected the situation.)

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