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  1. I’m surprised she doesn’t just use them to vandalize the local recruiting stations.

    • belchspeak
    • Posted November 7, 2008 at 12:37 pm
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    The stupid little girl, on election day, was bagging my groceries and talking to the cashier how they were planning on rioting if the Republicans stole the election again. I had to remind them that republicans like their guns.

  2. Vegas– PLEASE don’t give her any ideas.

    belchspeak– Like I always say, it’s getting harder and harder for my cartoons to keep up with the day to day reality of Democrat/Leftist derangement. The shocking easy-breeziness of riot-talk at the grocery store is a new low. (Where’s the store manager when you need him?)

  3. He was putting rags in the glass bottles of store brand vodka why?

  4. you bet they would have rioted… erica jong told some Italian paper that if O didn’t win there would be a bloody civil war.
    God forgive their ignorance.

  5. Vegas, you’re a riot. Er– let me rephrase that…

    (I may have to crib some of your material at some point– you’re getting too good)

    Incognito: You’re overly kind– calling it ignorance. To me, Jong’s & others’ remarks are nothing less than veiled and not-so-veiled threats to our nation. Also: had she and her ilk said things like “If O doesn’t win, there will be an assassination attempt on McCain”– would she not come under federal scrutiny? So– what’s the dif? Assassination-talk, riot-talk: seems rightfully to be one big related continuum to me.

  6. Feel free to borrow as long as I get some credit. My art skills don’t run as far as cartooning so I leave that to you. Plus the left gives us a target rich environment to lampoon them with.

    Me thinks that the lanes need new neighbors, ones who don’t like the fairness doctrine…

  7. Vegas: I’d like to have a non-liberal cartoon family move next to the Lanes but I can’t find any who will consent to it.

  8. Use my family, my 11 year old daughter has a “Women for McCain/Palin” sticker on her bedroom door…

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