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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Sierra: “Oh God this is like Woodstock…!  I went and got a big “O” tattooed on my arm, check it out–wait, that’s my peace sign; here look, it’s on this arm.

I’m playing like Janis records, Dylan, Joan Baez CDs I didn’t know I had anymore.  It’s like, who needs the Messiah, we got Barack, haha.  Here, you wanna toke?”


Devon: “For me the best thing about The Change will be the end of all that sinister patriotic symbolism.  I mean, can you imagine anything more terrifying than a country identifying itself with “mom and apple pie?”  “Mom” is a discriminatory term demeaning to Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered people.  And “apple pie” privileges apple growers and disempowers minorities such as peach and grape growers.  Those are oppressed immigrants and people of color doing that fruit-picking, buster.”

You can help save a child from the misery and intellectual poverty of a liberal household.  Adopt Diversity Lane: bring her into your heart… into your blog.  Every week you’ll receive a visual update of her life in a home that is, if not Third World, certainly third rate.  For no charge at all you’ll be helping to expose her wretched left-wing family to the world.

Post a regular Diversity Lane feature at your blog– and help save a life yearning to break free of the bonds of Liberalism.

Diversity Lane’s family wishes to congratulate the West Hollywood resident who hung Sarah Palin in effigy this week, apparently inspired by this event in the Lane’s backyard. “We know him,” said Devon, one of at least two women in the household who call themselves matriarchal parent-figures. “We told him last week, NBC may not cover it much but I think they can supply you with the mannequin.”

If you are a fan of Diversity Lane do yourself a favor and sign up for the mailing list! This way, every new chapter of the saga will be emailing directly to you.  No RSS feeds or websites to open.


Moonbattery  brilliantly and unflinchingly focuses on the innumerable moonbats of the Left– politicians, criminals, intellectuals, Democrats, the whole lot of them– with laserbeam precision.  (A recent post included a photo of a mountain of bleached human bones with the caption: The Left brought Change to Cambodia.)  In savage but accurate writing, videos and more, maestro Van Helsing lifts the rock and shines the flashlight for the world to see on the dark monstrosities of the Left, many of them unexposed practically anywhere else, like this Communist Party USA rap song praising Obama.  This is one of those blogs that can truly change minds.  An absolute must-visit, daily.

A staple conservative stomping ground should be GOP Mom and for tons of folks it already is.  The subheading (“Mom knows best”) may sound comfy but the reporting and writing is rock-solid and peppered with no-nonsense assertions that ring true.  (About the biased reporters leaving Alaska to pounce on Joe the Plumber, she writes: “Apparently all those dejected journalists that had to leave Alaska in shame have reconvened in Northwest Ohio and they are hungry for blood.”)

It’s also stringently up-to-date and wide-ranging in its news coverage.  A recent posting of the complete 6-part video expose of Obama by Sean Hannity (here’s Part One) is an essential keeper, and there are countless other treasures for news-hounds lurking here.  Five Stars for solid writing and reporting, Mom.

Matt Veasey over at the aptly named Matt Veasey blog surveys the worlds of politcs, religion, law and order, baseball and lots more, always with excellent, in-depth analysis.  As fascinating as it is educational, Matt will take you deep into the inner workings of law enforcement in a way I have found nowhere else.  His posts on faith, often Catholicism, are essential conservative reading.  Time spent here is time well-spent indeed.

This blog– BUUUUURRRRNING HOT–is FUN.  Riddled with a serious conservative’s ponderings of things political and religious yet laced with humor, it’s a hard combination to beat.  (A recent heading was “If Ann Coulter Were A Rocker, She’d Be Ted Nugent.”)  Also mixed in is the ongoing chronicle of a family kitten, and the best conservative political cartoons available anywhere.  And in case you get the urge to delve deeply into the mind-blowing politics of Malaysia, that’s here too and (it’s far more interesting than a lot of Westerners might have thought.  Compelling, in fact).  Loaded with personality and intelligence, this blog’s a real keeper.

Not just an old movie but also an exceptional blog is Shot In The Dark.  Also a nationally known talk show host for The Northern Alliance, blogger/author Mitch Berg provides luxuriant, in depth explorations of politics both northern and national.  You’ll be hugely informed and lots smarter by the time you leave this blog, and the radio show is among the most listenable and appealing in the country.

Also very fine is Twisted Spinster.  Eccentric, provocative and honest.  Covers politics and plenty more from a fun and twisted conservative angle.  Like no other, that’s for sure.

Red Tide is an excellent Massachusetts-based blog with the ominous subheading, “Massachusetts is On Its Way and Obama Will Lead the Nation the Rest of the Way.”  Fittingly, it charts the fall of a liberal-run state with great depth and topicality, dovetailing perfectly with national Left-wing machinations.  A 10/10/08 post tracking the appalling history of ACORN remains extremely useful, as do many others here.  Top-notch reporting.

What could be worse than a Lefty in your cabin.

What do you do when one of your moms hates every vestige of femininity?

A particularly alert & up to date blogger is Dee Vantuyl at Conservatism With Heart.  Also catch her excellent talk show podcasts.  With any luck we might get her on the weekends out here instead of “How to Care for Your Begonias” shows.

For a glimpse into the covert world of an actress with the gall to think conservatively visit Confessions of a Closet Republican.  All conservatives in the arts in need of a likeminded blogger are urged to attend (and so is everyone else).

Then there’s Vegas Art Guy who mans the helm at The Desert Glows Green.  He’s a rare blend of conservative man of faith and school teacher (6th grade, currently).  Lots of inherent drama here as he chronicles life in the modern classroom. 

Another thoroughly enjoyable one is Saberpoint.  Very smart, funny writing plus the continued evolution of various creative projects.  Always fresh and up to date.

I was trying to stay away from the overtly political in this family saga, but some things are just too ridiculous to ignore.