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  1. Love it! Blogs lookin’ good too!

  2. Thanks Incog. Do you think Jayson (featured here denouncing the woman for not doling out more goodies) should “accidentally” be hit by a car as another reader suggests? I hadn’t intended this to be a violent series, but he does try one’s patience.

  3. Thanks for the e-mail, you’ve been Blogrolled. I will also post your cartoon. ūüėÄ


  4. Thanks again, Pat. You’ve been blolled as well. (You can’t shorten these terms enough, I say.)

  5. That is hilarious. Come up with them while you can because if Obama wins, you’ll get shut down with the internet version of the ‘fairness doctrine’…

  6. I know, Vegas, I know. What will I do then? Any vacant teaching positions at your school? I can instruct them in Sketching 101…

  7. If it weren’t for the budget cuts I’d say yes! But go ahead and keep going until you can’t go anymore.

  8. No but maybe a little electrical shock therapy, would be good. did you see that video of a guy who kept having his McCain/P signs stolen? Rigged some more up to his electrical pet fence, and put up a video camera to see who the culprit was. in the video you see this little boy creeping up with an Obama banner, touches the sign and gets a little shock.. then you see him scampering off. Priceless!

  9. I just realized that Diversity was dressed up as Hillary Clinton…

  10. Vegas– Not quite, but I can see how you made that mistake: Hillary’s attire of choice DOES closely resemble Michelle Obama’s.

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