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A particularly alert & up to date blogger is Dee Vantuyl at Conservatism With Heart.  Also catch her excellent talk show podcasts.  With any luck we might get her on the weekends out here instead of “How to Care for Your Begonias” shows.

For a glimpse into the covert world of an actress with the gall to think conservatively visit Confessions of a Closet Republican.  All conservatives in the arts in need of a likeminded blogger are urged to attend (and so is everyone else).

Then there’s Vegas Art Guy who mans the helm at The Desert Glows Green.  He’s a rare blend of conservative man of faith and school teacher (6th grade, currently).  Lots of inherent drama here as he chronicles life in the modern classroom. 

Another thoroughly enjoyable one is Saberpoint.  Very smart, funny writing plus the continued evolution of various creative projects.  Always fresh and up to date.

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