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Monthly Archives: February 2009



Scathing video expose here of Castro’s Communist Gulag, aka Cuba:  a short preview of the masterful film “Oscar’s Cuba.”  Among other things you’ll see a (Cuban) rock group that actually sings about real, genuine oppression (by their fascist government)– a jolting change from the self-indulgent longhaired Leftist millionaires we call rock stars in the United States.


If you ever wanted to experience Cuba– its culture and politics– from the legendary and storied  pre-Castro days to the fascinating dystopian commie nightmare of today, this is a fantastic place to start.   The blog’s richly well-informed columns and visuals covering a profoundly troubled yet still beloved land will educate you; its personal tone will unfailingly hold your interest.  Always well-grounded and conservative in outlook: no fawning, Jack Nicholson-style tributes to Fidel in sight.  Enjoy your vist, no passport required.