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If you ever wanted to experience Cuba– its culture and politics– from the legendary and storied  pre-Castro days to the fascinating dystopian commie nightmare of today, this is a fantastic place to start.   The blog’s richly well-informed columns and visuals covering a profoundly troubled yet still beloved land will educate you; its personal tone will unfailingly hold your interest.  Always well-grounded and conservative in outlook: no fawning, Jack Nicholson-style tributes to Fidel in sight.  Enjoy your vist, no passport required.



  1. Thanks man, I appreciate it very much!

  2. Well I dunno…TAVIS SMILEY seems OK with koobuh, so that’s JUST GONNA HAVE TO BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.

    *tosses bean pie*

  3. Thanks David. Maybe Tavis should be tapped for an Obamite cabinet position? Judging by other inductees, he is more than qualified.

  4. No problem, Jose– your blog deserves an even wider readership than it already has.

  5. Hmmm….I smell halal stimulus with a side of Grape Fanta. Ofabulous.

  6. David: Grape Fanta is fine, you can drink whatever you like while spedning time at Cubanology. I prefer Malta myself, for authenticity. Either that or a bourbon on the rocks to kill the pain of reading about Fidel.

  7. Fidel = seanpennsturbation.

    I just LOVE a useful idiot, especially one so talented and well-mannered as he.

  8. And what should we expect from a husband of Madonna? –Not even! An EX-husband of Madonna! (Thx David)

  9. Spicolibot’s cranial contents doth fitteth neatly ‘twixt the space in Chavez’s lower fangs already.

    Ptui and feh upon his person.

  10. I can’t do better than that. An apt curse indeed.

  11. Not spammin’, but just want to share with the group:

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