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  1. NO WE CAN’T!

    NO WE CAN’T!

    NO WE CAN’T!


  2. Good, Dave. The REAL chant-beneath-the-chant comes through loud and clear, doesn’t it?

    • ikabod
    • Posted February 25, 2009 at 12:43 pm
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    The only problem i see with this installment… is that Devon would most likely have nothing to do with competitive sports. Or perhaps “share” the coaching with a non-white, non-male representation of all oppressed little league players. However, this is overcome quite nicely with her need to reveal the children’s dire projections. As long as no one wins or loses… The Utopian dream of mediocrity is realized!

  3. “Wet’s naht keep thcowa”

    – Teh barneyfrank

  4. Good thinkin’ Ikabod. And of course Devon would be practically the last person on earth to coach a Little League team– unless it were a multicultural, anything-but-English-spoken-here kind of pint-sized U.N. with bats.

    Very good with the phoneticized Frankspeak, Dave. You’re a regular Henry Higgins. Or should I say Higginzth. (Sidenote: sometimes nature cannily warns all who come near certain creatures of their propensity for viciousness or danger. One thinks of the porcupine… of the over-tattooed scowling ghetto youth with the rotten attitude and low-hanging pants… of Barney Frank…)

  5. Wet’s have a wemon pahhhty!

  6. I love this one, Zack!

    The idea of Devon coaching a Little League team reminds me of that great “King of the Hill” episode with the soccer league, the one where every game ends in a tie. (Everybody wins!)

  7. …and why not? All our wallets shall be equally empty by royal decree, regardless of our productivity.

  8. Thanks Wes– King of the Hill is a phenomenal show (far better than the more popular Family Guy in my book), and I hope I catch that episode sometime. To my knowledge the only cartoon characters who vote Republican.

    Dave, I agree you. We may have as little need for pockets as a soccer player by the time The Rotten One is finished.

  9. Zack, hopefully, you’ve seen the “King of the Hill” episode where Hank gets to shake the hand of George W. Bush — and realizes to his horror that Bush has a less-then-firm handshake. Hank then suffers a 22-minute crisis of faith that’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

    Oh, and Luanne and the Manger Babies try to convince him to vote for the Communist, because he’s so good-looking!

  10. Wes– Yes, I’ve seen that one– hilarious. There’s a depth and wacky realism to the writing & style of that show that no other cartoon I’ve seen comes close to. (Think of, for example, that voice on Luanne). Years ago I used to think The Simpsons was tops, but after exposure to King of the Hill it comes up kind of short and facile, I find.

  11. He’s so encouraging, lol!! And “you are going to need a lot of outside help” lol, he’s not going to help and he’s the coach, go get em!! Great example, explaining in a simple manner, all the events that are unfolding right now with this lefty-liberal system we have in place in America. You make it so simple, great job Zack!

  12. Thanks Jose– comments like yours make this whole thing worthwhile. Best of all was your mistaking Devon for a man– that had me laughing out loud. I’ve never been able to figure out why it is that certain lesbians, though they mistrust and even hate men, nevertheless seem to do all they can to emulate them in any number of ways.

  13. Tammy Bruce is a righteous dude. Her type balances out the flannel panel to a certain degree.

  14. Dave: “Flannel panel”– excellent. Bruce is a dream: that rarest of rare birds, a member of a traditionally Leftist coterie who thinks for herself, rationally, and therefore rejects utterly the ravings and radicalism of the Leftbians.

  15. She named her .38 “Snuffy.” What’s not to like?

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