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Monthly Archives: June 2009

The exclusive Paul A. Ibbetson interview with Zack Rawsthorne scheduled for 5:00 PM Central Time, Tuesday, June 30 may also be heard at  in addition to the other sources mentioned:  The Conscience of Kansas and . 






This coming Tuesday, June 30, my interview with outstanding author and talk show host Paul A. Ibbetson will be aired on his lively show, The Conscience of Kansas.  The interview is scheduled for 5:00 PM Central Time and can be heard on KSDB 91.9 “The Wildcat” in the Kansas area.  It will also be available at Blog Talk Radio, or better yet go to Paul’s website The Conscience of Kansas around 5:00 PM Central this Tuesday and give a listen.  The site is well worth bookmarking anyway: Paul’s got a fantastic backlog of interviews (Dinesh D’Sousa, Rick Santorum, Paul Shanklin, etc.)  as well as editorials, columns and books he’s authored that can be purchased at the website.  He’s a vital force  in modern conservatism and I had a blast chatting with him about Diversity Lane.


You can’t get more Heartland than either Kansas or Paul A. Ibbetson, at his superb site The Conscience of Kansas.  Author, lecturer, former Chief of Police and radio talker, he’s also currently working on his Ph.D– all while maintaining a great sense of humor.  Bookmark his site– it’s got a wealth of highly interesting radio podcasts to keep handy for the next time Rush goes on too long about his latest golf game or Sean gets embroiled in conversation with a liberal nutcase.  Also well worth investigating are his books, which I’ll be ordering this week.  I left this smart, fun site feeling like I’d made a very impressive new friend.





Readers: Out of unavoidable work constraints I will be forced to do less blogging temporarily, including new posts, etc.  Whenever possible I will continue posting new drawings as well as mailing them out to all subscribers. 

Hopefully this will be a very temporary lull in Diversity Lane activity.  Thanks for your support!

Zack Rawsthorne