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We don’t know where she picked up the bug.  We suspect from one of the local leftists.  Could it be fatal?  You bet.  And under Obamacare meds are costlier than ever.  You can help defray these expenses by puchasing Diversity Lane/ A Liberal Family Saga here at the Diversity Lane website. You’ll get a huge bookful of laffs at the lefties including tons of unreleased material.  If you’re really feeling generous order an extra one for a conservative friend–we guarantee it will make their day.

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Go here to listen to the podcast.  Paul Ibbeston is an outstanding interviewer and the entire broadcast is interesting & well worth your time.  Zack’s segment starts just after the 25 minute mark  on the podcast.

 There’s been a lack of fairness at this blog.  You know it, I know it.  But we’re changing all that. 


–Making things Fair

–Giving the other side a voice

–Ensuring diversity

On the Epic Leftist Hatred of Palin
Hating Palin’s quite the craze,
Because she is a broad;
Lefty-feminists defend the gals?
We’ve learned they ply a fraud
That says “defense of women”
Is what they’re all about,
As they lash into this female foe,
Each an angry Leftist lout.
Hating Palin’s quite the rage,
Because she speaks her mind,
As Leftist big mouths all shout out,
“Free speech must be confined
To only those anointed
By the Leftists’ thought patrol,
For we are duly appointed
To administer speech control.”
Hating Palin’s a disarmed crusade,
For her hunting with a gun,
Because all those nice Leftists
Find this abhorrent fun,
As they dine on fleshy meat
That’s wrapped in plastic clean.
They think their meat’s not slaughtered,
For that would just be mean.
Hating Palin’s a civil right,
Because she gives the lie
To women not worth dating
Who then do loud decry
She’s simply far too fetching,
And this is not quite right.
There are homely Leftists retching
Before her pretty sight.
Hating Palin’s necessary
For at least a year or two,
Lest she become a candidate
Who’d expose the political view
That Leftists with No Labels
Want to tuck away,
As if they’d hide in closets
Until they gain their sway.
Hating Palin’s easy to do,
When civil Leftists love,
Because it’s just a love tap
Transformed into a shove
Which hopes to topple Sarah
From headlines and from quotes
Which tell of Leftists’ failures
And makes them lose more votes.
Hating Palin’s an activist’s dream.
Silence her, for free speech’s sake!
She stands when they shout her down,
And hate her for civility’s stake
Demanding we sing in harmony
To the Leftists’ jack boot tunes,
Which march in dark formation
With hatred urging on their goons.
Hating Palin’s most sincere,
For Leftists boil with rage
To see their debt-filled visions
Dance upon their stage.
Palin hold no office now,
And this is quite unfair,
For failures by the Democrats
Have quite become their snare.
Silence her and others,
Lest they loud reveal the truth
That old Liberality’s bankrupt
And plans to bill the youth
For all they’ve wasted in their day
Which adds to mammoth debt,
They’d pass on to generations
As a clear and present threat.
Hating Palin’s critical,
Erecting smoke and mirrors,
Because the truth is coming
Which even the Leftist fears.
The Ponzi schemes are wobbling,
The plans are gone awry,
And the best the Left can offer
Is to blame the other guy.
The other guy’s a woman,
This time ’round the voting bloc,
And hating Palin’s all they’ve got
To preach to their Lefty flock.
Look beneath Palin’s skirt:
You find a woman there.
But look beneath the Leftists’ hem,
There’s No Label they can bear.
    — Siegmund Wagneryann

OOops!!  A network goof during the Superbowl game assaulted tender liberal-left sensibilities today by accidentally airing this cobweb-covered fun-fest of an ad for Tommy Burst Submarine Guns.  View the monstrosity here.

Stay tuned for new reality show, “It’s Raining Lawsuits”

Financial journalist, author and founder of VDARE, Peter Brimelow has been the editor of many publications including National Review, Forbes and The Financial Post.  Books include the national best-seller Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster.   It’s a great honor to add his quote to our roster of Big-hitters Who Like Diversity Lane.

Mr. Brimelow’s site VDARE is currently the top internet source for scoping out  issues of immigration and multiculturalism run amuck.  Visit them here.

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Revealing new interview with tons of details on the new Diversity Lane book!   This column now up at Frontpage magazine, entitled ‘Punking the Left’

(Contest courtesy of the fabulous I Own The World)

Other classic combos:

Devon – Rachel Maddow
Allison – Anne Heche
Alex — Bill Gates
Sierra — Kirstie Alley

Devon — Rachael Maddow
Allison — Meredith Baxter
Alex — Steve Jobs
Sierra — Sally Struthers

Devon — Lou Diamond Philips
Allison — Susan Estrich
Alex — Charles Nelson Reilly
Sierra — Barney Frank

Devon — Janeane Garafalo
Allison — Melissa Ethridge
Alex — Rachael Maddow
Sierra – Rosie O’Donnell

Devon – Jane Lynch
Allison – Matt Damon in drag
Alex Lane – Matt Damon
Sierra – Oprah

Devon — Chastity Bono (pre-op)
Allison — Chastity Bono(intra-op)
Alex — Chastity Bono(intra-op stageII)
Sierra – Chastity Bono (post-op)

Check it out here— great piece by journalist Joe Hatton.

Go here NOW to enter:  Contest scheduled to end at 7:00 PM/ Eastern tonight

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Jamie Glazov’s new show has an astounding line-up of interviews scheduled (Robert Spencer, Stanley Kurtz, etc.) including some of the foremost experts on Islamoterrorism in the world today.  Here’s the premiere installment, with part two already available at Frontpage Magazine.  Phillippe Karsenty has courageously exposed a notorious hoax perpetrated by virulent antisemitic participants (and bought into by the ever anti-Israel left, as usual).  Must-viewing for fans of Courage.

I was honored to be interviewed by that titan of anti-leftism, Dr. Jamie Glazov: interview  now up at Frontpage Magazine.  Any readers interested in some of the ideas and motivations behind Diversity Lane are welcome to read the extended, two-page interview here.

We’re please to announce that Diversity Lane now has a presence on Facebook Pages.  Visit us here to vent, complain, share and eventually buy stuff.

Also now at Facebook is Zack Rawsthorne’s Profile page:  less business/more chit-chat.

Diversity Lane would like to thank VDARE, the courageous website supported by former Forbes editor Peter Brimelow and his VDARE Foundation.  Focusing on illegal immigration and related issues, this is one of the most stunningly honest and therefore important sites I know of and it was a great honor to receive their attention in this recent piece.

Thanks To Frontpage Magazine for this piece, which ran at the website earlier this week.  I’m most grateful to founder David Horowitz, editor Jamie Glazov and all involved at Frontpage, easily one of the world’s most important and courageous websites for many years now.