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  1. So…you’re saying a conservative Islamoterrorist would throw smaller bombs and thus kill smaller numbers of people than a…liberal Islamoterrorist, who would….

    Wait. What?

  2. Yer thinking too much like an American liberal, Marbles. Yes: the conservative bomber IS conservative: in terms of more careful, less incendiary, less out-there behavior; whereas the liberal– in the terms of my ‘toon– is a happy-go-lucky, free-for-all, no-restrictions, bigger-than-life mayhem-machine.

    • Craig S. Maxwell
    • Posted January 23, 2011 at 5:47 pm
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    Hilarious, Zack! One of my new favs!
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Craig: I’m still working on the stiff drink I needed after Marbles said he didn’t understand it. Did I ‘splain it okay to Marbles, Craig, what say you?

    • Ed Clarke
    • Posted January 24, 2011 at 10:39 am
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    Zack’s right, we need to see a return to traditional, hardline conservative Islamoterrorism. The upstart liberal “reformed” Islamoterrorists are rocking the boat a little too much for my taste and muddying up the definition of the word.

    • ikabod
    • Posted January 24, 2011 at 10:50 am
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    Well, I’m assuming this is a warning…. All’s we’s got to do is:
    1. End all support for Israel
    2. Pull our troops out of Iraq AND Afghanistan.
    3. Hands off of HCR.
    4. Raise Taxes on the so-called Rich.

    We’ll be loved throughout the world. Seems so simple.

    • ikabod
    • Posted January 24, 2011 at 4:17 pm
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    Sorry I’m going there. I have had several conversations with an assortment of so-called progressives regarding mitigating terrorism. Standard answer to how should be end terrorism is almost always one of two. “I don’t know how, but we sure aint doing it killing them” to “If we end out support for Israel, end hunger right now, close all of our bases throughout the world. Eliminate our nuclear arsenal (unilaterally by the way). Therefore the US is not viewed as a terrorist nation but rather a peaceful country who means no harm to our fellow worldly citizens.

    Yet the risk here is that buy utilizing such a paradigm, we are not a peaceful nation but rather a sitting duck. The pathetic conclusion is the fact that perhaps the US has ran its course. We as a nation are too evil and therefore have this coming (remember the chickens have come host to roost?). As far as defending or “mitigating” terrorism I could not trust a leftist in any way to end terrorism without the prospect of our lives being mitigated at the same time. If there are some neo-libs out there who have a convincing method of ending terrorism. I would like to hear it.

    • Steve
    • Posted January 24, 2011 at 9:12 pm
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    @ Ikabod — this link supports what reasonable argument ?

    These Catholic “peace groups” are the most naive, ignorant, arrogant fools I came to see for who they were, from my pre-teen years.
    This Rev. John Dear (ironic name – for a man who was stood up by the truth & common sense) is typical for this ‘kumbaya’- peacenik sub-culture.

    “I do not understand our love of violence. If you want other people to be nonviolent, you first have to be nonviolent. If you want to remove the speck from someone else’s eye, you have to remove the two by four from your own head.” — Rev. John Dear

    This is but one example of this vacuous pacifism – his ignorant, sweeping generalizations that are grounded upon moral relativism,… and another classic gross misuse and misrepresentation of scripture [ can we all spell h-e-r-e-s-y ?? ]

    I am not attacking Catholics or Catholicism (half my family tree comes from this denomination), however it is well-documented that the Catholic church has been infested top-to-bottom with leftist-Marxist activists from many decades ago…

  4. ikabod:

    You don’t trust liberals or the left against terrorism. Can you elaborate on specifically why? I assume at least part of it is because of that old “moral relativism” chestnut. At its worst, this is used to convince people that there are actually policymakers who don’t think we should be defending ourselves, because we somehow “deserve it.” Only fools believe things like this are actually true, but unfortunately there are a lot of fools out there.

    What the American right (actually, the right everywhere) won’t understand is that there is a huge, yawning chasm between acknowledging that one’s nation has a lot of blood on its hands and a long history of deadly meddling and manipulation, and wishing to correct or change these realities for the betterment of both their nation and those negatively affected by its actions—-and “hating” one’s country. There is an enormous difference between those two things, but for reasons I don’t understand, the right just does not want to know that. It’s the same everywhere.

    I don’t know of any serious person who is actually saying “end all support for Israel.” That’s a strawman, and a rather graceless one at that.

    This is not a simple issue, and simplifying it doesn’t help anyone. I don’t have much patience for those on either side who ascribe all the blame squarely to the other. As far as our own foreign policy, and how it often clashes with the UN and Europe, it’s damning.

    Personally, my grossly generalized take is that no one in Europe seems to care about dead Israelis, and no one in America seems to care about dead Palestinians.

    Make of that what you will.

    • ikabod
    • Posted January 25, 2011 at 3:23 pm
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    “These Catholic “peace groups” are the most naive, ignorant, arrogant fools I came to see for who they were, from my pre-teen years”
    Exactly my point. Hug a terrorist while he stabs you in the gut. It does not support ANY reasonable arguement or effective process to fight terrorism. The main point here is somehow the left truely believe that folks cannot be strictly adherent to a religious idealogy to the point of killing. The concept of Islam is Government, Goverment is Islam feeds the jihad.

    “You don’t trust liberals or the left against terrorism.”
    I think you know better than to ask that with the steller results of treating Terrorism as a law enforcment issue during the 90’s. 9-11 was a law enforcement, intel epec fail.
    Liberals look at the war on terror as a misguided war on innocence. As far as the so-called war is concerned Terrorism is law enforcement issue. That was the prevailing policy of the Clinton administration. Un- Aggressive approaches to terrorism investigation led to 9/11. (Somehow the reasons for Al Queda’s attack on the US was because of some beef they had.) It appears we have forgotten why we were attacked. Support for Israel, we’re taking their Oil, where not Muslim etc… The policy of law enforcement handling terrorism was a failure yet no one on the left is willing to admit that. I even have liberal friends of mine claiming that all that is needed is a little respect, no more bombing, no more drone attacks, and provide them with jobs! No more Terror! Oh and their freedom fighters too. Thank you Michael Moore for clarifying.
    My prospect for ending terrorism is simple:
    1. Extract our OWN OIL.
    2. Innovative alternative fuel research NOW.
    3. More nuclear power plants.
    4. Pull out our troops from Iraq, and Afghanistan.
    5. Educate Muslim women covertly.

    Your absolutely right though Marbles. It is complicated. First thing we need to do is separate the paradigm of the Muslim mind that Islam is Government and Government is Islam.
    I care just as much as innocent Palestinians dying as I do Israeli’s. Only the killing was supposed to stop this was not what happened when the Israeli’s relinquished the Gaza strip. Rather than using Gaza as a fertile landscape to grow things and rebuild an economy it has become a launching pad for rockets. The difference between them is that I don’t believe that the Israeli’s have a mission statement requiring the elimination of the Palestinians. If they do…. I haven’t seen it yet and I stand corrected.

    *Further low key responses during the 90’s to the Kole bombing… However, get some Morman lunatics at a ranch in Texas and bring in the full force of the ATF…..
    Also here’s the full text as to why we we’re attacked.
    Not the “starving of Iraqi children” Whoa! I thought Saddam was contained? All was good? Look through the document. Read it. Let me know where your welling to compromise to the Al Queda. Would it be transforming the constitution to a more Koran style law system? Or how about abolishing Homosexuality? Women’s rights? Whats the starting point of negotiating? Think I’m a lunatic to think that a left would be un trust worthy fighting terrorism? Apparently not.

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