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Jamie Glazov’s new show has an astounding line-up of interviews scheduled (Robert Spencer, Stanley Kurtz, etc.) including some of the foremost experts on Islamoterrorism in the world today.  Here’s the premiere installment, with part two already available at Frontpage Magazine.  Phillippe Karsenty has courageously exposed a notorious hoax perpetrated by virulent antisemitic participants (and bought into by the ever anti-Israel left, as usual).  Must-viewing for fans of Courage.


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    • Steve
    • Posted December 13, 2010 at 1:32 pm
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    Gee – another sleazy slur against Israel has been exposed… how about this sleazy French network gets the Rachel Cory Golden Bulldozer Award ?

    A touching picture – set-up of a father & son allegedly shot to death yet, NO blood, not a speck, on his all-white tea shirt… for a guy said to be hit fifteen times ?

    Does it EVER bother anyone how there is such a multi-decade, serial – liar pattern of behavior from all these Palestinian – Hamas – Hezbollah – CAIR – Syrian groups ?
    These Arab thug groups are no better than the Nazi – Gestapo machine and their propaganda arms.

    I met Arab students (about a dozen) for the first time as a college freshman. Long story short, my trust and friendship extended to them over several months was rewarded by their unbroken pattern of lying, cheating, stealing, swindling, falsifying their academic records, cheating on every academic assignment they had, every exam,… scamming and exploiting the trust of every new American student who trusted them.
    All in all, nothing but sickening !

    For those who doubt this, or “feel” I am spouting racial hatred,… – recall an interview of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, just after his retirement. Schwarzkopf is a noted expert on the Middle East and its militaries.
    His summary of dealing with Arab officials was basically NO different than my experiences in college. He said bluntly, you cannot trust any of them – they all are liars.
    That interview darn near made me want to have him as my father-in-law !

    No doubt, most all those supporting the ground zero mosque will not be concerned about these outrageous lies and twisted anti-Israel propaganda.

    The scary and horrible aspect to this is, the cries from the end of WWII, “we will never forget” are being drowned out by this international anti-Semitic piling-on of more & more gutless people who are too cowardice to call out the genocidal agenda of those calling for the destruction of Israel.

    For those of you not having see Pr 1 and Pt 2, I strongly suggest you watch these – and look for upcoming Pt 3.

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