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Category Archives: Leftist racism


Jamie Glazov’s new show has an astounding line-up of interviews scheduled (Robert Spencer, Stanley Kurtz, etc.) including some of the foremost experts on Islamoterrorism in the world today.  Here’s the premiere installment, with part two already available at Frontpage Magazine.  Phillippe Karsenty has courageously exposed a notorious hoax perpetrated by virulent antisemitic participants (and bought into by the ever anti-Israel left, as usual).  Must-viewing for fans of Courage.

Jason Sanborn never lets you down.  With his outward calm yet inner smoldering disgust for what the “progressives” have wrought upon the world, upon America, hell, even upon the Democrat Party, he echoes many of our sentiments and does it with impeccably vicious sarcasm.  Check out this letter to Jimmy Carter to see what I mean.








Scathing video expose here of Castro’s Communist Gulag, aka Cuba:  a short preview of the masterful film “Oscar’s Cuba.”  Among other things you’ll see a (Cuban) rock group that actually sings about real, genuine oppression (by their fascist government)– a jolting change from the self-indulgent longhaired Leftist millionaires we call rock stars in the United States.