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Dear Readers:

It was a great experiment, but unfortunately Diversity Lane has been unable to bring in enough money to support the time I was putting into it.  Were we living in a healthy economy this cartoon series could have been a hobby for me, but since my freelance work has taken a major hit these last few years I had been hoping to turn this project into something profitable.  Alas, as of this month I have been unable to procure syndication for the strip from any of the several houses to whom I submitted samples, and that pretty much ends my hopes of getting a sustainable paycheck out of this thing.  Thanks to all who enjoyed the drawings, your enthusiasm kept me going with the project far longer than I would have been able to otherwise.

–Zack Rawsthorne


Jamie Glazov’s new show has an astounding line-up of interviews scheduled (Robert Spencer, Stanley Kurtz, etc.) including some of the foremost experts on Islamoterrorism in the world today.  Here’s the premiere installment, with part two already available at Frontpage Magazine.  Phillippe Karsenty has courageously exposed a notorious hoax perpetrated by virulent antisemitic participants (and bought into by the ever anti-Israel left, as usual).  Must-viewing for fans of Courage.

[Actual letter to leftist talk radio host Bill Press]

Dear Mr. Bill Press,

Today while I was scanning through channels on my new XM radio I came across your program on XM’s American Left Channel. You were discussing President Obama and Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon’s comments on Arizona’s law to enforce a pre-existing Federal Law. Your comments were how terrible this law was and that you were on the side of President Obama, President Calderon, and millions of illegal immigrants who are in this country now or seek to violate our laws by crossing our border improperly in the future. While I am certain that I am not your typical listener, being that there was no tinfoil on my head while I was listening to protect from my brain wave patterns from being read, I decided to call in to your show anyway.

Your phone screener who took my call and asked for my question seemed very friendly until I told him what I was calling about. My question was “Which part of the Arizona law, specifically, were you in fear would violate the Civil Rights of American Citizens who were not in violation of any law or engaging in suspicious activity which would cause Law Enforcement Professionals to stop the individual?” and “Have you read the ten (10) page law?” Your call screener informed me that you did not have time to take my question.

I must have lost signal while in discussion with your call screener and had to call back due to no longer being connected when I was asking why you would not take my call. I was immediately able to get through to the same screener again, which tells me that I was the only caller, and asked him why you would not take my the question.

He put me on hold for a minute then came back and said that you did not want to take the question. This can only lead me to believe that, much like Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, President Obama, and everyone else on the President’s staff, you have not read the law of which you are not in favor. So, I am asking you now, are you not in favor or Arizona’s right as a state to empower its law enforcement professionals to enforce federal laws, or are you not in favor of the federal laws themselves? Would you actually prefer that people could come across our borders without any documentation, process, or paperwork? Do you support Illegal Immigration or do you think that people who break the law should have to face punishment for the laws that were broken?

If your car were struck by an illegal immigrant and you were told by your insurance company that you were responsible for the damages because the person who was actually at fault was not a U.S. citizen and therefore did not have insurance, driver’s license or valid address, may I suppose that you would not mind that the individual wouldn’t be held accountable for their actions and wouldn’t be sent back to their country of origin?

Mexico has much harsher Illegal Immigration laws than we do. For first offence the penalty is two years in prison. The second is about ten years. Do you favor Mexico’s Immigration laws? Are you in favor of the harsh penalty that is imposed? Do you support the rights of the Mexican Government to enforce laws within their own country? If you support the rights of the Mexican Government, why do you not support the right of a state to make laws that strengthen U.S. laws?

I understand that this was not a fair discussion. I brought intelligence along with a well thought-out argument. I’m citing actual facts and actually HAVE read the bill. I had hoped that even though you were unarmed in a battle of wits you would still find time to debate me on the air. Maybe others can call your show at 866-557-7377 and have more luck than I did about asking if you have read the ten page bill or not.

Perhaps it was an unfair question. I understand that to keep your job of Left Wing Radio Host you have to at least appear to be of the same intelligence as your listeners. Possibly it was the phrasing of the question that made it difficult to answer. Instead of Illegal Immigrant, maybe I should have used the phrase “Undocumented Democrat Voter”. Perhaps then you might have been able to answer. Perhaps one day we might stop being racist and unjust as a nation and stop the illegal practice of writing our laws in English, which not all of our residents understand. Or maybe we can commission all those artists, encouraged by Nancy Pelosi to quit their jobs and pursue their passion, to rewrite the laws of the U.S. in picture pages so everyone can understand them.

Jason Sanborn

From the soon to be former State of Texas

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As a necessary, temporary measure I am disabling this blog’s Leave a Comment option.  A couple leftists persist in leaving copious irrelevant comments that have zero to do with the content of these cartoons except for demonstrating the maturity level of many (but not all) on the left.  Will revisit the comments option in the near future… for now, here’s to the next cartoon, sure to be winging it’s way to subscribers’ mailboxes soon.

I get a fair amount of flack from liberal/left types who complain that I have no sympathetic people of color in my series.  This is 100% factually untrue, as for example see this and this (and there are others).    Of course, the treatment these sympathetic characters of color receive at the hands of the lefties who run this household is another story; I cannot be held responsible if, for example, Diversity brings a perfectly delightful Latina child home to play with and she is rejected by Devon for being the wrong kind of Latina, politically. 

Another point: more than 90% of this series revolves around the inner dynamics of a family which happens to be white– therefore, outside characters in general, of whatever color, will tend to be uncommon.  Until the current administration enacts an Adopt a Person of Color into Your Family policy, the prevailing color around the house will, sadly, tend to be white. 

HOWEVER– I am not immune to creative criticism and have today initiated a new, experimental line of Diversity Lane cartoons, based on Politically Corrected earlier cartoons.  Here are three such samples for your inspection, with feedback of all kinds welcome as always (except for profane, vicious and/or substance-free screaming).  I’ve included in this initial series an African-American woman, Latino man, Asian man, and for good measure an Environmentally Sensitive Green Worker.  I hope my new alternative line of Diversity Lane cartoons meets with your approval!


The Desert Glows Green , manned by Vegas Art Guy, chronicles the day to day travails of a teacher (9th grade English class starts in the Fall) with a conservative and Christian outlook.  Also a voracious reader with whom you can chat up the dozens of books he reads per quarter.  If that scenario doesn’t provide enough drama for you, he’s also a man committed to maintaining good values and decency in his classes.   (Below: one of the posters he’s thinking of putting up come September.  See what I mean?)  Swing by his spot, it’s impossible not to like this very smart, very good-natured teacher and master blog diarist. 


Some of you may have noticed that in the email of this drawing sent out earlier this morning, Diversity had the wrong hand over her heart.  This does not denote that I am dyslexic.  The original design for the overall drawing had been the reverse of this current version, but I then realized we would not be able to see the book covers that way and it’s always good to know what unexpected and original material those two are reading.  After completing it I failed to notice that Diversity’s wrong hand was now over her heart (since corrected).  Not that anyone in that family would have noticed the difference anyway.


Alex Lane: “What do I look forward to under Barack?  How about the end of the Bush Police State?  Ever hear of a little thing called Guantanamo Bay?  There’s innocent people rotting in that place.  All they’re asking for is a little civility.  Know what they get instead?  Frayed prayer rugs.  Used Korans.  Yeah okay the meals are prepared according to Islamic guidelines– big deal!   What kind of quality control?  What kind of ingredients?  That’s not Julia Child back there in the kitchen.   Auschwitz, American-style– thank you, Mr. Bush.”

Many thanks to The Michigan Review, one of America’s top conservative college journals (University of Michigan), for featuring a Diversity Lane cartoon in the Opinion Section of the current issue.  It’s an honor to be a contributor to this important publication.

Sierra: “Oh God this is like Woodstock…!  I went and got a big “O” tattooed on my arm, check it out–wait, that’s my peace sign; here look, it’s on this arm.

I’m playing like Janis records, Dylan, Joan Baez CDs I didn’t know I had anymore.  It’s like, who needs the Messiah, we got Barack, haha.  Here, you wanna toke?”

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