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Some of you may have noticed that in the email of this drawing sent out earlier this morning, Diversity had the wrong hand over her heart.  This does not denote that I am dyslexic.  The original design for the overall drawing had been the reverse of this current version, but I then realized we would not be able to see the book covers that way and it’s always good to know what unexpected and original material those two are reading.  After completing it I failed to notice that Diversity’s wrong hand was now over her heart (since corrected).  Not that anyone in that family would have noticed the difference anyway.



  1. THAT family? I’m surprised they weren’t giving the flag the fin…..oops…WRONG HAND, anyway! (smile)

  2. I didn’t catch it either Zack…

  3. Z– Thy’d burn that flag if only they could reach it.

    Vegas– Glad to hear my glitch went unnoticed by you… much like the meaning of Memorial Day went unnoticed by the Lanes.

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