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Category Archives: Humorless Leftists


As promised earlier this month I am herewith posting the first lecture in my Basic Humor course.  This series has been found to be necessary due to the uncommon quantity of noncomprehending visitors to this blog– folks who simply can’t seem to wrap their minds around my cartoons.  This humor deficit seems to be limited to left-leaning visitors; more moderate thinkers have no problem getting my stuff and even finding it reasonably funny. 

I have a possible theory on why the left fails to grasp so much humor, and the culprit once again, no surprise,  may be Manmade Global Warming.  The left is consumed with angst over this non-event.  [A non-event because 1) there is evidence that we may be cooling rather than warming, and 2) warming trends as well as cooling ones have ebbed and flowed over the eons probably since the early days of this planet, with no discernable ancient SUVs or other manmade things in sight to have caused these quixotic temperature changes.  Though, it is possible that modern man with his greenhouse gasses and miscellaneous crap may yet be responsible for temperature variations in past epochs via the newly theorized “carbon time-seepage,” in which evil greenhouse gas emissions may actually have traveled backwards in time to wreak havoc on climates past.]  Anyway– in their endless preoccupation over imminently rising, globally warmed oceans and other horrible warm junk the left can’t possibly have mental room for other things– like humor.  They’re just too worried.  I’m hoping my series will help them work around this.

My first lesson pertains to the cartoon called “Zoned Out.”  Many visitors claimed that because I’ve utilized the “it’s cold out; what kinda Global Warming?” thesis in an earlier cartoon, this renders the new one nonvalid or lazy.  These readers need to acquaint themselves with the concept of the “running joke,” also known as the “running gag.”  This is a well-worn idea used in plays, films, TV shows, comic strips and every other species of humor known to man.  My suggestion to stumped or angry visitors and commentors is to go back to Aristophanes, continue reading through the comedies of Shakespeare, onward to Sheridan, Shaw, Wilde and any other notable playwright you can get your hands on and right up into the present.  Note the occurance of these “running jokes.”  When you have attained a full grasp of how such things work, come back to Diversity Lane.  We’ll be waiting for you with, maybe not open arms but certainly a nice organic sandwich.