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Monthly Archives: January 2011


Financial journalist, author and founder of VDARE, Peter Brimelow has been the editor of many publications including National Review, Forbes and The Financial Post.  Books include the national best-seller Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster.   It’s a great honor to add his quote to our roster of Big-hitters Who Like Diversity Lane.

Mr. Brimelow’s site VDARE is currently the top internet source for scoping out  issues of immigration and multiculturalism run amuck.  Visit them here.

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That first part is rhetorical: of course you’re sick of Oprah, everyone is.  She’s been around for, what is it, thirty years now?  She’s not funny; can’t sing; and has the sort of banal/feelgood take on everything that you could get sitting around with your next door neighbor.  On top of all this she gave us Obama.  So let us know in a brief soundbite or two just what your problem is with this Great American Institution that won’t go away.  Is it the pretense that she’s everywoman totally contradicted by the liberal politics?   The up-&-down weight?  Sick to death of hearing that She’s A Brilliant Businesswoman?  Or maybe it’s just that you suspect she’s mostly all about nothing but that everyone’s afraid to say this because she’s black– you know, kind of an entertainment version of Obama?  Anyway, loosen up, make it funny if you can, and check this space for the winner and other fun entries this coming Friday morning 1/28/11.  YOU could be the one to hand us a laugh and win a free signed book, Diversity Lane/ A Liberal Family Saga!

Answers to be submitted here in the Comment section

(Contest courtesy of the fabulous I Own The World)

Other classic combos:

Devon – Rachel Maddow
Allison – Anne Heche
Alex — Bill Gates
Sierra — Kirstie Alley

Devon — Rachael Maddow
Allison — Meredith Baxter
Alex — Steve Jobs
Sierra — Sally Struthers

Devon — Lou Diamond Philips
Allison — Susan Estrich
Alex — Charles Nelson Reilly
Sierra — Barney Frank

Devon — Janeane Garafalo
Allison — Melissa Ethridge
Alex — Rachael Maddow
Sierra – Rosie O’Donnell

Devon – Jane Lynch
Allison – Matt Damon in drag
Alex Lane – Matt Damon
Sierra – Oprah

Devon — Chastity Bono (pre-op)
Allison — Chastity Bono(intra-op)
Alex — Chastity Bono(intra-op stageII)
Sierra – Chastity Bono (post-op)

Check it out here— great piece by journalist Joe Hatton.

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Hope ‘n’ Change is like an alternate universe experience:  all the news & latest headlines are the same as in our world, except they’re funny.  John Boehner is here preparing to take the gavel from Pelosi, but this time he’s threatening her with it.  New congressional Republicans read aloud from the Constitution, and in response a Democrat rises demonically from a bed a la “The Exorcist.”  Creator Stilton Jarlsberg presents thorough highlights of what’s going down in the world in a style anything but smelly or European despite his name.   It’s a blog I still go back to regularly and recommend highly, especially if you can’t stand leftists.