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Hope ‘n’ Change is like an alternate universe experience:  all the news & latest headlines are the same as in our world, except they’re funny.  John Boehner is here preparing to take the gavel from Pelosi, but this time he’s threatening her with it.  New congressional Republicans read aloud from the Constitution, and in response a Democrat rises demonically from a bed a la “The Exorcist.”  Creator Stilton Jarlsberg presents thorough highlights of what’s going down in the world in a style anything but smelly or European despite his name.   It’s a blog I still go back to regularly and recommend highly, especially if you can’t stand leftists.



  1. Dear Zack,

    I kindly request a cartoon on what many have already pointed out in the wake of the Tucson shooting.

    A whole slew of people – all with similar backgrounds and names – can commit murders while screaming “Allahu akbar!” and the Left is at a total loss to guess what could possibly be the motivation behind the attacks.

    But when a total nutcase who thinks grammar = mind control shoots up a bunch of bystanders, within the day they can decisively conclude that he must have been influenced by Palin/Tea Parties/Fox News.

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