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We don’t know where she picked up the bug.  We suspect from one of the local leftists.  Could it be fatal?  You bet.  And under Obamacare meds are costlier than ever.  You can help defray these expenses by puchasing Diversity Lane/ A Liberal Family Saga here at the Diversity Lane website. You’ll get a huge bookful of laffs at the lefties including tons of unreleased material.  If you’re really feeling generous order an extra one for a conservative friend–we guarantee it will make their day.

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Financial journalist, author and founder of VDARE, Peter Brimelow has been the editor of many publications including National Review, Forbes and The Financial Post.  Books include the national best-seller Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster.   It’s a great honor to add his quote to our roster of Big-hitters Who Like Diversity Lane.

Mr. Brimelow’s site VDARE is currently the top internet source for scoping out  issues of immigration and multiculturalism run amuck.  Visit them here.

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Revealing new interview with tons of details on the new Diversity Lane book!   This column now up at Frontpage magazine, entitled ‘Punking the Left’

Check it out here— great piece by journalist Joe Hatton.

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