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    • Steve
    • Posted January 26, 2011 at 9:38 am
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    Two of these are worshipped in the Lane household…
    Regrettably, the other two of these thugs are still wasting oxygen~

    • Ryan
    • Posted January 26, 2011 at 10:12 am
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    Right on. Why would Obama reject his beloved heroes?

    I would love to know who are Diversity’s heroes?

    • cobainfan69
    • Posted January 26, 2011 at 10:43 am
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    Yo Zack, have you just handed the reigns over to the President Suit guy for the week or have you just resigned yourself to making crappy, low-effort photoshops in lieu of posting real comics? Just curious.

    • Steve
    • Posted January 26, 2011 at 12:36 pm
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    I wonder if there is just ONE person, among the ankle-biting, trollish-grunge crowd (like you cobainfan) who themselves demonstrate the work and end-product, such as what goes into creating and maintaining a blog site like Diversity Lane?
    …is there just ONE, among you enlightened critics?

    Over the past 18 months, there have been a few like you cobainfan, who periodically snipe at & berate Zack’s work yet, you keep coming back, month after month.
    How about you send Zack a sample of YOUR great quality drawing work, Mr Picasso? ~
    I’d like to see a sample of your hand writing on paper, cobain – I bet it looks pathetic… like a 5yr olds rickety scribble.

    Why don’t you grow up?… or go ask someone older than your parents what that means?

    • cobainfan69
    • Posted January 26, 2011 at 3:11 pm
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    I’m sorry, Steve. I shouldn’t have my own opinion, and I shouldn’t express it if there are easily accessible means with which to do so. Honestly, all artists are better off without criticism, or any input of any kind! No one should be subject to that harsh treatment — someone might get their feelings hurt!

    In all seriousness though, Steve, I’ve mentioned a fair number of times before that I do actually like Zack’s artwork — I really enjoy the visual style of his comic, despite me disagreeing with many of his viewpoints. What I’m complaining about here doesn’t even have anything to DO with his drawing capabilities, but rather the recent surge of these low-effort photoshops (which is why I asked if the guy from ‘President Suit’, a site filled to the brim with horrid doctored photo ‘comics’, was temporarily supplying the blog with content — maybe Zack needed a break after finishing his book!).

    The reason I berate these works in particular is because it takes no effort, and anyone can do it. I don’t come to this site to look at crappy photoshops that are dime-a-dozen among numerous internet blogs and forums — I come for the handdrawn comics.

    These comments are free for most anyone to use, and all viewpoints are welcome, so long as discussion doesn’t devolve to the use of low-brow or vulgar quips and insults…and here you are calling me a child for disagreeing with you. I’m sorry that I don’t agree with you, but just because I don’t run my own blog for my art doesn’t mean I can’t have my own opinion on other’s art.

    Why are you even taking this position anyway? Zack is a big boy, I’m sure he can handle feedback of all types without emotional trauma. You really don’t need to defend him.

    Anywho, I don’t know if these fit your definition of “my crowd” but some other comics on the internet I more positively favor are Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik’s “Penny Arcade”, Kate Beaton’s “Hark! A Vagrant”, the various comics of K.C. Green and Anthony “Nedroid” Clark, as well as “Pictures for Sad Children” and “Gunnerkrigg Court”. There’s others too that I can’t remember at the moment, but I haven’t really read many webcomics recently. I’ve been busy with work and putting my Netflix subscription to good use.

    If you want a preference that’s more towards the political/social spectrum, I do like Tim Krieder’s “The Pain — When Will It End?”. The dude has kind of been lazy with making new comics though and lately has been posting comics he made years and years ago with some new essay to go along with it. Beware though: his viewpoints skew more towards the left! (A surprise to you, I’m sure.)

    Anyway check those out, you might find something you like. And I hope you’ll understand I do like Zack’s artwork. But these photoshops are barely art and I know Zack can do a LOT better.

    • ikabod
    • Posted January 26, 2011 at 3:45 pm
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    I was wondering about the low quality of Zacks cut and paste postings as well. However, they seem to be on point.

    • ikabod
    • Posted January 26, 2011 at 3:49 pm
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    One thing is for sure. After cutting the US manned mission to the moon, perhaps using the phrase “a sputnik moment” was not a good choice of words. Oh, but we got Health care!

  1. I invite you to click on my name, Cobain, and go back through the ‘chives if you like what you see.
    While visually I lack Zack’s delicate touch, I have a lot of fun with my corner of the interwebs. =}

    • Manny
    • Posted January 26, 2011 at 10:32 pm
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    If you hadn’t heard cobain, Krieder is done for the most part with political strips as of 08, he did them during the Bush years. He said he’d start back up though if he got material, which… he should have plenty of by now given the legitimate failings of Obama.

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