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    • Steve T
    • Posted June 24, 2009 at 12:27 pm
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    Zack – are you secretly scoping out my former paper route in Ann Arbor, MI-?
    The Devon personality is right off the block, from the U of Mich culture.
    The ‘hate & blame America first, ‘white guilt’ moon-bat mindset are so well illustrated in this and “Mi Casa No Es Su Casa” posting, too.

    Great work – these are just too delicious-!

    Thanks – Steve T

    • Norman Hines
    • Posted June 24, 2009 at 1:12 pm
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    Seriously, a little European history teaches us that there is no such thing as “white” people. It makes no sense to lump together Irish, Welsh, English, Scotish, Portuguese, Spanyard, Basque, French, Itialian, German, Belgian, Polish, Serbs, Croats, Armenians, Albanians, etc. etc. etc. into one racial group when they have histories of fighting racial wars between themselves.

    Only in America have all these people and more melted together into one pot. The average African-American has far more in common culturally with the rest of America than he has with anyone in Africa.

    Of all the immigrants who willingly came to America, only the hispanic peoples resist assimilation by refusing to learn English. When my people came here from Germany, they were forced to speak only English, or starve.

    I’m not racist; I’m culturalist. The American culture is (or used to be, or ought to be) the greatest in the world.

    • Michael K.
    • Posted June 24, 2009 at 1:55 pm
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    Steve T — I currently live in Ann Arbor, MI (aka Moscow on the Huron). For everyone else, this place is insane. Every prisoner is a political prisoner. Every political decision is for the children and helps promote Planned Parenthood. Everyone is a pacifist and no one should EVER have a gun, unless you want to shoot President Bush. If you question anything about recycling, then you just want to destroy the earth. If you question anything in the “stimulus” spending bill, you are a wacko, heartless, and side with “big oil”. I could go on, but I’ll just make myself angry.

    Zack — You are a genius! Not just with this cartoon, but all of them. I really like the one about calling Homeland Security about the white, churchgoing family. It’s a rare combination for a person who is an artist as well as being able to hit the tail on the head in explaining a position through art. Something the “artists” around here need to learn.

    One last thing, I was in Israel recently and showed a bunch of my friends and in-laws your website. I think you’re going to have a bunch of new fans from there. They all really enjoyed it.

    • Norman Hines
    • Posted June 24, 2009 at 2:55 pm
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    Michael K.: I escaped Ann Arbor, MI. where I lived for about 4 years, right after college. I went the U of M at night studying for my MBA (capitalist swine that I am), Class of ’85. Even 20 years ago, Ann Arbor was wacko lefty.

    Is Maud’s Restaurant still in business? That had great prime rib on the weekend.

  1. Thanks, Steve T– That paper route sure does sound like a horror-show, as we’ve talked about off the blog; am still tooling around in the back of my mind with the best way to adapt that scenario for Diversity Lane. Too bad Tim Burton isn’t a conservative: I can see a nifty film based on this paper-route-of-horrors.

    Norman– not a word out of place there. The modern replacement for the melting pot would seem to be the ice cube tray, where all groups and cultures are separate and resist Americanization with all their might.

    Michael K– Thanks for the great feedback… you, Steve T and Norman could be the nucleus of an Ann Arbor Commiseration Committee; sounds like the Berkeley of the north at this point (or better yet, your “Moscow on the Huron”). What happens to certain towns? Is it the water? And too bad there aren’t at least stablizing, opposite town types, like maybe an adjacent “Ann Coulter, Michigan.” Many thanks for spreading the word out in Israel, I think your friends will find me a far more sympathetic voice than, say, the president of the United States.

    Norman– leave it to you to come through for us with the Meat Connection. I look forward to getting Michael’s (or Steve’s) update on Maud’s Restaurant on the off chance that I will some day get up the nerve to visit Ann Arbor.

    • Steve T
    • Posted June 24, 2009 at 8:28 pm
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    Ann Arbor has had this reputation going way back to the early 1900’s (probably earlier) – so my parents & grandparents described.
    The culture of the U of M is the center of all the ‘lefty’ & commie-hugging culture. Much is the same in other big university towns in Michigan – E. Lansing, with MSU, Kalamazoo, with WMU,…even down here in N. Georgia, Athens, GA, where UGA is – limp-wrist central w/ lots of Obama decals on cars.

    • Steve T
    • Posted June 24, 2009 at 8:33 pm
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    Sorry – I do not remember Mauds – it does sound a little familiar.
    Ann Arbor has a very huge variety of great places to eat…among them is Zingerman’s Deli (a pleasure to eat yourself into clogged arteries-!), and so many others.
    If you plan a trip there, try to contact someone who knows the town well, and sort through the choices of resturants by the type you might like – you will love most all of it.

    • Norman Hines
    • Posted June 25, 2009 at 7:30 am
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    I did a little Googling and discovered to my sadness that Maude’s at 314 S. 4th St. closed in 1998.

  2. Glad I ran across you! Your cartoons are excellent, Zack. I’m going to profile your work on my blog and of course I’ll link back to you.

  3. Thanks Steve– you’re like an historian of liberal-left madness: an hysterian is, I believe, the term.

    Norman, thanks for the Maud’s update… I guess they never quite made it to the new century. It’s sad when a beloved venue passes on, not unlike losing a relative (worse, actually, than losing certain relatives).

    RaDena: Many thanks for dropping by and for the kind offer to profile me. Your name sounds like it’s from another planet and that’s a good thing in my book. I’m going straight from here to your blog to check out the vibe.

  4. A triptych!

    Excellent as always, Zack. Your art calls to mind the New Yorker of the 1950’s (in a good Charles Addams-ish kind of way), but your message is as biting and true as anything else today. Keep up the great work.

  5. Glad you know about “triptychs,” Joseph, and thanks for the comment. It’s true, I do see the Left as fully up to the behavioral perversity of The Addams Family (only vastly more dangerous), and that brilliant series did inspire me. Good call!

    And how long did you live in Ann Arbor?

  6. Heh… I never had the pleasure of living in Ann Arbor, but my best friend from college lived there for law school and I ventured forth for his wedding. So… four days. He actually started as a Republican (and I, at the time, was much more liberal), but he’s now such a caricature of the liberal mentality I dare not share his blog address lest you think it’s something I made up as a parody site.

  7. Wow, that must be some blog address, Joseph. What is it,

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