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Moonbattery  brilliantly and unflinchingly focuses on the innumerable moonbats of the Left– politicians, criminals, intellectuals, Democrats, the whole lot of them– with laserbeam precision.  (A recent post included a photo of a mountain of bleached human bones with the caption: The Left brought Change to Cambodia.)  In savage but accurate writing, videos and more, maestro Van Helsing lifts the rock and shines the flashlight for the world to see on the dark monstrosities of the Left, many of them unexposed practically anywhere else, like this Communist Party USA rap song praising Obama.  This is one of those blogs that can truly change minds.  An absolute must-visit, daily.



    • Dave
    • Posted October 27, 2008 at 9:07 am
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    If the media had been doing their job fairly, Obama most likely would have never won his party’s nomination. If they would go after his Acorn ties as much as Sarah Palin’s clothing, McCain would be up by 20 points. Sigh.

  1. Right you are, Dave. When it comes to Palin, the media is as clothing-aware as Givenchy or Mr. Blackwell, while giving nary a blase glance at Obama and his radical/terrorist house party.

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