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Not just an old movie but also an exceptional blog is Shot In The Dark.  Also a nationally known talk show host for The Northern Alliance, blogger/author Mitch Berg provides luxuriant, in depth explorations of politics both northern and national.  You’ll be hugely informed and lots smarter by the time you leave this blog, and the radio show is among the most listenable and appealing in the country.

Also very fine is Twisted Spinster.  Eccentric, provocative and honest.  Covers politics and plenty more from a fun and twisted conservative angle.  Like no other, that’s for sure.

Red Tide is an excellent Massachusetts-based blog with the ominous subheading, “Massachusetts is On Its Way and Obama Will Lead the Nation the Rest of the Way.”  Fittingly, it charts the fall of a liberal-run state with great depth and topicality, dovetailing perfectly with national Left-wing machinations.  A 10/10/08 post tracking the appalling history of ACORN remains extremely useful, as do many others here.  Top-notch reporting.

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