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We’ve all seen and shuddered over Michelle’s election night creation, so aptly compared to the stylings of a Black Widow spider at blogs like Annie’s Inferno and Moonbattery.   What should her next Major Dress Statement be?  Help us decide by sending in your votes or Comments now!




  1. I vote 1. Seeing as how Barack Obama’s ‘CHANGE’ policies are basically a rehash of FDR’s and Jimmy Carter’s, run using Bill Clinton’s team, the cobwebs are a statement unto themselves.

  2. A brilliant rationale, Scott. As can be observed more with each passing day (and each passing appointment), Obama’s may be the third administration of Bill Clinton. Which I assume would tickle Barack pink (is that racist?) because of its resonance of FDR and his own administration that would not die.

  3. Oh goodness… thanks for the laugh..
    it’s a tossup between Spiderista and Che Couture. And Scott’s analogy is great. yeah.. what happened to all that change…

  4. Glad you’re considering casting your vote for the Che Coutura design, Incog. Hope it wins– the reaction it would get in Little Havana could be priceless.

    • Seoulman (R)
    • Posted November 26, 2008 at 4:50 am
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    While the leaking breast milk design is interesting, Che Couture definitely says, Barry may be on my arm, but Che is closest to my heart

  5. Seoulman– Thanks for the inadvertent tip: that “breast milk” motif had actually been meant as a lightning graphic! I have since clarified it. Michelle wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a garment with a milk motif, so redolent of pre-feminism and motherhood.

    • Seoulman (R)
    • Posted November 26, 2008 at 9:26 am
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    Speaking of pre-feminism, what is with the 1950’s sit-com mom hair? I guess she could be the Supreme Diana Ross refuses to talk about. Still hope the Che dress wins, but the lightening bolt definitely says “I have destructive powers you can not even begin to imagine.”

  6. Seoulman: You’re a crack-up. And you’re right about the 50s sit-com coif. Maybe it’s a supernatural, Pinnochio kind of thing, where her hair grows bigger with each new shady character that emerges on their acquaintance list.

    Good call on the lightning dress as well. I think that’s exactly what she and her designer were going for there.

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