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  1. I presume that Moonbattery already has this lined up, and already plans to link it to the radio and Internet bullyi… Uh uh uh, Fairness. So I won’t tip VH on this.

  2. Nice! I like how the sign leans way left!

  3. Scott: I’ll be emailing a few drawings to Moonbattery and everyone else tomorrow anyway, I think. I figure by then all conservatives should be sufficiently sobered up to look at them.

    Vegas Art Guy: Damn good call on your part– I hadn’t planned that leaning to contain a symbolic meaning (at least, not consciously) but from now on I may fib that I did.

  4. Well, the graphic designer in me saw it right away… lol

    At some point I’d love to see the unfair version. Teachers are notorious for being unfair after all…

    Could you imagine the parents reactions if I was teaching in that school? ROFL…

    “What do you mean kids are responsible for their kids behavior???!!111!!???”

  5. funny but sadly true. just waiting for all this censorship to start happening.

  6. Vegas, would love to show you the uncensored version but, like the sign say, I’m not allowed. I have a government phone number I could get you if you want to pursue it; I’m sure there would be no extensive tedious recorded menu or long wait on the phone to get through…

    Incog, I know what you mean about the potential censorship around the corner. Sometimes I wonder iXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXX. That’s thXXXXXX XXXX XX XXXXXX reason it would be nice tXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXX, to goXXX XXXXX XXXXXX. Don’t you think?

  7. Think of it as an act of civil disobedience! It worked for the civil rights movement…

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