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  1. What monetary system do they use? The Ruble? Oh, wait…

    The Euro!

  2. Vegas, I think they use whatever currency San Francisco has been using since they seceded from America and rationality.


    And THERE we have our answer as to currency.

  4. Right you are, Donna C. I visited (how subtle that name is!) and was appalled once again at the unending drive on the part of many gays to separate themselves from mainstream America. Even their finances, apparently, may be self-styled as specialized and indigenous to them, as if they are of another country. Silly me– I had thought gays originally wanted to be seen as just like straights, with the exception of the bedroom.

    • Elisabeth
    • Posted December 7, 2008 at 11:38 am
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    There’s a whole separate set of rules we’re supposed to impose on everyone else? I don’t even have the rule list. Can you please email so I can forward it to my cadre of gay teacher friends?

    The humor in your strips seems a bit forced.. not sure that anger and extremism, especially around racial matters, works with comic but maybe another artist could make it work. Also, it is a shame to see complex ideas distilled to shallow captions.

  5. Elisabeth: The new rule list is: 1) Do all you can to overturn the democratic vote of the people, e.g. in California where repeatedly this state, although very liberal politically, has voted to maintain marriage as specifically between man and woman. 2) When once again democracy speaks and a proposition is passed by the people to maintain this same order which has ensued for thousands of years in every corner of the planet throughout the entire history of mankind, call those who adhere to such a structure (i.e. man/woman marriage) “hatemongers” and threaten to burn down their churches.

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