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It takes real resilience and moral certitude to be a Jewish or a Black conservative: you’re battling not only the Left-leaning culture all around us assuring us that conservatives are scum, but also the vast majority of your co-religionists/shared ethnic-group.   You gotta really mean it to buck the system on this scale.  Maybe that’s why among our most persuasive anti-Leftists are Blacks and Jews.  Think of the power of  Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele; of David Horowitz and Mark Levin, just to skim the surface of great Black and Jewish voices on the Right.  Along these lines you can’t do better than a regular visit to Vocal Minority.  Ostensibly “The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary,”  it is actually a universally appealing blogstop full of withering criticism and righteous passion as Eric lays it all out clearly with example after example of what’s going wrong in America and the West and what needs to be done to get back on track.   This blog really has the Left’s number.  Don’t miss it.



  1. Not to be a [expletive deleted], but….That’s a Neo-Con, Zionist site.

    Jews are just as bad as Blacks. When anyone questions their motives, they play the race card.

    Chuck AKA Paleo-Pat
    Political Byline
    “The Capital of the USA is Washington DC, NOT Tel Aviv”

  2. Hey thanks for the props, Zack. I was wondering why I was getting so many hits from Diversity Lane today. 🙂

    Chuck – Thanks for sharing the love. First you call me names and then accuse me a playing a race card before even giving me a chance to respond. And how does calling me names like “Neo-Con” and “Zionist” amount to questioning my motives?

    P.S. The capital of Israel is Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv.

    • Donna C
    • Posted December 16, 2008 at 11:49 pm
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    Eric’s blog is one of my faves out there! I can’t recall if I found his blog via Tyrone’s (Wake Up Black America) or Red State…but to be certain, it was one of them. Excellent writing!

    • allyHM
    • Posted December 19, 2008 at 8:36 am
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    Vocal Minority directed me here. Adding you to my bookmarks! 🙂

  3. Chuck– Thanks for livening up the conversation. While it’s true that both Blacks and Jews in general have a hideously liberal voting record– to their own detriment, I would strongly argue– I think it savvy to support the few courageous ones who buck the system. And as mentioned elsewhere, I suspect you’d find yourself in agreement with much of the writing at Vocal Minority.

  4. Eric: Keep up the good work. Something tells me you’ve been singled out for criticism before this; you seem more than prepared for Chuck’s gentle, loving admonition.

  5. Thanks for the blog tips, Donna. I’ll check out both of those.

    Hope you’re surviving the Global Warming these days: it’s been piling heavy snowfalls across the country from coast to coast.

  6. Thanks, allyHM. Last time I checked, “HM” stood for “Her Majesty.” I am ineffably honored to have your regal presence at the blog.

  7. You have a great site and wonderful talent. As a Jewish conservative myself, I feel the pain you express. I love how guys like Chuck dismiss Vocal Minority as a “neo-con” or “Zionist” site s if that makes it inherently evil. On the other hand, he calls Jews and blacks out for playing the race card.

    But it seems to me he is the one playing it, no? Like a good liberal, he is exceptionally tolerant as long as you agree with him.

    What a tool.

  8. Great point, Shayne– it is Chuck who in this case is playing the race card, and being the bright guy he often is, I don’t see that he can avoid that reality. Funny thing is, he is no liberal, but neither is he either religious or neocon in his outlook… is very much a paleocon. I enjoy his libertarian-flavored blog, while strongly disagreeing with some of his less excusable biases.

  9. I too am joo…and it’s LONESOME in my family, especially when they fire up their BSLSD rhetoric ’round the dinner table.

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