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    • Josh
    • Posted December 23, 2008 at 3:18 pm
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    Zack I love these little glances that we have into the minds of the left. I feel like with each one of your cartoons – I begin to laugh, but then I start to cry and cringe because of the truth that is there. This is a scary time to live.

  1. Is innocence lost?
    it’s so easy to offend
    no tolerance here!

    • Donna C
    • Posted December 23, 2008 at 11:52 pm
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    I am absolutely ROFLMBOOOO over this brilliant liberal commentary of yours Zack! Not only is it dead on the money, but on a political forum I moderate on, I am in the midst of dialogue with a “free-thinking” lib on this very topic…being offended. Long story short, I stated that while our senses may be affronted, in almost all instances, we CHOOSE to be offended. True offense does occur, to be certain…but usually we’ve just had our opinions stepped on, so like a petulant child, we have a tantrum. Mr. Lib refuses to own up and accept reality, instead preferring to try and guilt the person whom holds the differing opinion. Your illustration goes right along the lines of the discussion…mind if I post this on the site? With a link back to you, of course! =o)

  2. Thx Josh– yes, it’s awful out there, and I’m not talking about the sleet, snow and ice (aka Global Warming). While on the subject though, Manmade Global Warming IS an apt analogy for the wretched mess liberals have made of our culture: a massive and obvious lie is believed and propagated endlessly, even as one need merely glance at the thermometer to know it’s hogwash; likewise, culturally, a colossal pile of myths and inversions of the truth are accepted in every possible avenue of life and thought, even though they flagrantly repudiate common sense.

  3. You’re like a breath of rhythmic, metered fresh air, Vegas. Whos says poetry is dead in America?

  4. Right, Donna. I’m thinking “offendedness,” at least as a mass cultural affect, is relatively modern and probably sneaked into the culture’s psyche around the time of Woodstock and High Feminism. I see “offendedness” as an extension of self-pity, ramped up on steroids and inflicted on those around us who simply differ in our opinions from the Offended one. By all means feel free to post any of my things, and to share your site with us as well. Thx.

  5. Zack, I’m in the middle of creating a poetry unit for 7th graders and so I’ve been buried in meter, rhyme, and several poetic forms, including ballads, sonnets and more.

    I hope you and my fellow readers have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. Thanks Vegas– all good things to you and yours too, this season and always.

    And to all my readers– Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Joyous Kwaanza.

    • Donna C
    • Posted December 24, 2008 at 11:41 am
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    Thank you Zack!! I’ve just posted this, and suspect it will be well appreciated…well, maybe not by Mr. Lib. ūüėõ

    And thank you for the offer of sharing the website I mod on. Could it be anything other than ~*~ConservaBabes~*~

    (I’m so hoping I am recalling my html correctly! =oP)

  7. The link popped up for me Donna, so I think you did fine.

    Zack, I showed my father in law your last couple of cartoons and he found them to be incredibly funny, something tells me he’ll be hitting your site after he reads up on my doings.

  8. Sure, Donna. Conservababes looks like a very valuable site with lots of variety of authorship. Spent a while cruising around there this morning thanks to your link. Will blogroll you as well.

  9. Much appreciate the blog-sharing, Vegas. Hope your father-in-law stops in anytime he needs a little low-down right-wing orneriness.

    • ikabod
    • Posted December 26, 2008 at 4:23 pm
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    I have a Sister in Law that would look at the cartoon and proudly proclaim: “What she doesn’t have a point?!” Luckily politics was absent from the table this past Christmas day. Goodtimes. No meat so I brought my own. No smoking so I brought my own cigar….. you get the idea…

    Happy after Christmas and have a happy new year to you and yours!

  10. Good god man, is there any way you can get a full family replacement immediately?

    I have a sister in law that thinks she’s related to aliens who came to primeval Earth to help mankind; but that’s child’s play next to having a raving Lefty as an in-law. Best of luck…

    • Donna C
    • Posted December 26, 2008 at 8:46 pm
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    Zack and ikabod…you have my deepest sympathies. I can relate to an extent, but the libs in my family are that way because they grew up in a generation where you voted the same way as your parents. Come to think of it, I did too..and was extremely liberal for a time myself…but I outgrew it once the sparkly things on women’s clothing ceased to amaze me. Given the resurgence of such things, it bears witness to just how many libs there really are out there…but I digress. Just wanted to say I feel your pain. Well…maybe NOT the alien relation… =oP

    BTW, Zack…I am so humbled you would add CBabes to your blogroll! I am deeply grateful! Maybe we’ll even see you posting over there one day!

  11. Glad you outgrew the meretricious sparkle of sequins and liberalism, Donna. As you suggest, the two are after all not unrelated. As far as my posting at, nothing would please me more than luxuriating in the exchange of ideas at fine sites like yours and others; for the present though (and temporarily) I am on an extremely tight blogging schedule of drawing up just one weekly cartoon and that’s about it. Am 99% involved these days in surviving this economic downturn in my capacity as a freelance advertising artist despite my industry having taken a severe hit. When the smoke clears and I’m making money again I’ll be free to post a few cartoons a week plus actually cruise around and comment at others’ blogs too. Thx for your input, it’s much appreciated.

  12. A truly lol comic, Zack.

    But it brings up the issue… If liberals are being paranoid to see even innocuous snowman and snowwoman as ‘hetero propaganda’, can’t the same defense be used by pro-homosexuals who put up two snowmen holding hands across the road from a conservative household?

  13. Scott that’s an interesting question; I think a lot depends on your social environment. A gay snow-couple in Manhattan would win applause, awards, possibly celebrity; in Idaho it could seriously raise eyebrows of, for example, the parents of the three children across the street. I really see it as a matter of sensitivity to one’s neighbors. If you know your neighbors would tend most likely to be sensitive to gay snow-propaganda, I’d refrain. A little more courtesy toward one’s society, a little less narcissistic self-expression, should be the guiding factor here.

  14. Do we have enough snow to represent all the genders? I’m going to go on a limb here and answer that with a no….

    Donna thank you for your hart felt sympathies. Actually she dose like to spare with me politically… Since she does find it difficult to use logic in her arguments. I have, on more than one occasion had to correct her name calling as not an argument, but rather surrendering to my overwhelming political prose.

  15. Good one, Ikabod. Where I live the snow’s at a premium; you could scrape together a small snowgay and snowlesbian but you’d never make it to the transgendered, transexual and transmogrified types.

    Too bad about the sister-in-law. Does she spell woman “womyn?”

  16. *sniff*

    Just THINK of all the dispossessed water molecules…FORCED together in INVOLUNTARY BONDAGE for the amusement of carbon-snorfling little biggits.

    I am SOOOOO pessed!

    -Admiral de Von AllySheedy Accent Already

  17. Hurtling boldly toward yet-unexplored regions of victimhood, eh David? Careful: liberals may overhear and draft you into the movement.

  18. Oh, the hexagonal horror!

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