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  1. How about frozen representations of secular apparitions of neo-Christian oppressive authoritative figures.

    • Donna C
    • Posted December 31, 2008 at 12:51 pm
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    Easy for you to say, ikabod! =oP

    • Donna C
    • Posted December 31, 2008 at 1:03 pm
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    I dunno…I should think the ACLU would be happy with Precipitation Palimoms. FTR, Palimom is supposedly a fallen male angel whom when invoked, manifests as a crowned young woman riding upon a camel. Just think of the glee it would bring to libs and ACLU types…it’s not being oppressive via Christianity; it should make the LGBT community happy…I mean, come on…a male representing himself as a female! Need I say more? Aaaaand…let’s nor forget islam…s/he appears riding on a camel! That has to count for something!

  2. Thanks Ikabod for that chilling suggestion. God knows what Politically Correct monstrosities are in store for us in the coming Age of Obama.

    Donna: Can we get away with calling them FRSANCOAFs? How long are acronyms allowed to be?

  3. Donna, you’re like a frozen, snowy font of information. At first I figured Palimom to be some kind of twist on Governor Palin and motherhood, but I like your genuine definition way more. And yes indeed, this sounds to be a future icon for the LGBTXYZ community. Look for it at a gay pride parade near you. That it also has Islamic cachet will double the appeal to gays and libs alike.

  4. Oh we are indeed are going to rue that age! I’m telling ya! Where going to be ruing!

  5. snow angels they be
    a winter time tradition
    still hated by some

  6. I place the Rue Quotient at near 100%, Ikabod. For a coming age putatively destined for deadly Global Warming, there sure does look to be a mighty chill on intellectual honesty comin’ round the bend.

  7. Thanks, “Haiku” Vegas.

    Lib’rals hate winter
    News of cities frozen, cold
    Ruins their “Warming” myth

  8. Nice to see you getting into the spirit of the haiku.

    Love the cartoons

  9. didn’t some football guy get fined for doing a snow angel?

    Happy New Year Zacky!

    Can’t wait to post your cartoon about Michelle’s dress… did you ever pick a winner?

  10. All good things to you in 2009, Incog. And thanks for the reminder about the great “Pick Michelle’s Next Power Statement Dress” contest. After much fast and furious voting the Che Coutura design emerged as the winner– with America and simple decency the clear-cut losers. Let’s hope the design, festooned with the cliched image of murderer Che Guevara, doesn’t catch on like Sarah Palin’s glasses did.

    • Ikabod
    • Posted January 2, 2009 at 4:02 pm
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    I have had numerous discussions regarding Che with my sister in laws kids. For some reason the whole murdering monster “thing” is something they don’t like to think about. Sort of a ends justify the means…… I wonder what “ends” this new administration is going to justify on us…..

  11. I have it on good authority that Che murdered a 12 year old boy in cold blood, no doubt for some commie-inspired reason. Given the typically self-oriented nature of most kids, researching this factual Che episode involving a youth possibly close in age to them, and then laying the sordid account on them might make a dent. I said “might.” Good luck. As to which eggs will need to be broken to make an Obamlette, your guess is as good as mine.

  12. a new year I see
    the old hatreds slow to die
    where’s the hope and change?

  13. Vegas: Good one! You may need to set up an all-Haiku blog. You have time for that, right?

    Here’s some change for you.
    A travesty in office:
    Al Franken may win.

  14. What time? LOL I will do a post on Haiku featuring student work and some from a very talented teacher, California Teacher Guy.

    Here is one for Franken

    The democrats cheat
    It’s just like Washington State
    Count until they win

  15. Vegas:

    Minnesota’s weird.
    No lesson has been learned since
    Governor Wrestler.

  16. At least Jesse Ventura was a Navy SEAL and was pretty smart to boot.

    And unfortunately the dems learned well from the lesson in Washington state which is why they are doing the same thing in MN.

  17. Vegas:

    Jesse was a Seal,
    But ran his state like he was
    Still underwater…

  18. I am DEEPLY offended by the chromatic exclusion inherent in snow.

    I declare it henceforth “obamabant.”

  19. Yes David– the hideous, Deep-South-Confederate whiteness of snow has always offended and hurt. That’s why I moved to the Southwest; the freezing ice storms and death-dealing low temps up north had nothing to do with it.

  20. *flagstaffsturbates*

  21. Is that good or bad? I’m a little woozy lately from trying to keep all of Obama’s cabinet-appointment-failures straight.

  22. *forgetstopaytaxesandmisspeaksaboutitsturbates*

  23. I think I’m gradually starting to understand this lingo– and that scares me…

  24. tee hee


    tee her

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