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  1. Nice! And posted on VM.

  2. “VM?” Don’t be modest, Eric– your Vocal Minority ( has some of the most compelling and detailed writing around. Diversity is proud to be spotted there and she told me to thank you.

  3. Zack, that doesn’t look like a hybrid car they are driving. Way too much room in the car. Or do they just think everyone ELSE should be driving hybrids while they get to keep their big cars?

    Love the strip!

  4. BelchSpeak– I’m sure they’re on their way to the Prius dealership as we speak, to trade in this loathsome, oversized environment-killer.


    • Donna C
    • Posted December 13, 2008 at 4:28 pm
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    I’m concerned. Diversity took the long way, and in the news today is word that Gov. Palin’s home church in Alaska was suspiciously torched. Just how long IS “the long way” exactly? ūüėõ

  5. Donna, now we know what happened to the riot supplies that they had just in case Obama lost.

  6. Yes Donna– I’m concerned about that too, now that you mention it. Ordinarily I would never expect Devon to pollute herself by driving into a red state, but a hit like Palin’s church might have been too delicious to resist.

  7. Vegas, you too may be on to something; to my memory, those “In Case Obama Loses” riot supplies never did get returned to the DNC. Lets hope Blagojevich returned his batch; in the mood he’s in lately I would hate to see what he’s capable of, and I hear Chicago doesn’t do well in fires.

  8. Sounds like another cartoon in the making Zack…

  9. I’ve been working on a Blago angle, Vegas… will probably insert him as a visiting, troubled tot soon; if he hangs on in the news that is. Which unfortunately he seems to be planning on.

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