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  1. Beautiful! And posted.
    The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary

  2. heh…. same here.. just posted.

  3. Global warming hype
    The lady doesn’t have a clue
    Though her lips turn blue

  4. Thanks for posting, Eric. I wanted to do another Global Warming piece this morning but my hands are too cold.

  5. Incognito: Much appreciate your post too. I wish this WERE only the Joke of the Day, rather than the Hoax of the Century.

  6. Thanks for the poetry, Vegas. Would that be Haiku you’ve just classed up my blog with? Nice!

  7. Gotta link to this. Goes with my latest posts. Right now here in my part of Michigan the wind chill is -14. So where is the heat?

  8. Wade, the only heat I see these days is the hysterically overheated imagination of delusional liberals. Good luck with that Global Warming up Michigan way. Maybe we can have a mini-telethon here at Diversity Lane and drum up enough money to send you an extra scarf.

    • Donna C
    • Posted December 21, 2008 at 6:49 pm
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    I WISH global warming would finally make her was here to Illinois! Between the ice storm and the frigid wind chills we’re now experiencing…minus 35 plus…I am ready for a little heat! Where’s Mr. HeatMiser when ya need him?

  9. I’m down with that, Donna. And by the way glad to see your persistence in calling it “Global Warming.” They tried to pull the old bait ‘n’ switch on us with the name change (“Climate Change”) but I see zero reason to go along with this hoax by buying into whatever new handle they want to put on it. Bundle up, and best of luck in Illinois with the Warming.

  10. NOAA says last month was the warmest November 4 years straight…. Can’t wait to find out what their going to call December….

  11. Yes it would. It seemed appropriate for some reason.

  12. Vegas:

    Wrote poems in 8th grade.
    Teacher approved of my haiku;
    Sonnet got a “D.”

  13. Thanks Ikabod. One thing they better not call December is “global warming.”

    • Donna C
    • Posted December 23, 2008 at 11:40 pm
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    I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days…and especially tonight as we are once again getting pounded with sleet, freezing rain and ice. I’ve concluded that if this is global warming, then the odds of a snowball’s chance in hell is increasing.

  14. Another great point, Donna. In the inverted world of modern Liberalism (criminals=victims, protecting one’s borders=racism, cold=Warming, et al) I can easily imagine the old snowball in hell metaphor freezing by the wayside.

  15. Sonnets are harder to write than haikus. Ballads are between the two because the only thing you really have to worry about is the rhyme scheme, which is abab and the length is up to the poet.

    There are two good ones to check out.

    “We Real Cool”

    “The Ballad of Custard The Dragon”

  16. “We Real Cool” I learned in 7th grade and have remembered to this day. (No big feat, since it’s only about thirty words long, as you know– but what great words). Thanks Vegas.

    • ikabod
    • Posted December 26, 2008 at 4:18 pm
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    If global warning is the cause of 4 feet of powder, In the Southern California Moutains…. bring it on!

  17. Ikabod– your unintentional (I think?) typo: “global warning”– has the potential to alert the many to what’s really going down. That, after all, is the bulk of what we’re talking about with Gore & Co.: lots and lots of WARNING about impending planetary doom, rather than any actual WARMING of any kind whatever.

    • ikanbod
    • Posted December 28, 2008 at 2:59 pm
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    Oh….er Uh yeah…. thats exactly what I meant! coldest winter in years and we must “believe” (not a typo) that we are in a warming due to human activity. I tend to believe that we have been in a warming cycle since the American Revolution. However since the end of the century we have fallen back into another cooling “cycle”. If this is to referred to as heresy to the gore environ cabal…. I say let it be! Now where do I nail my non-conformist proclamation?

  18. Ikabod– I would nail all such theses to the door of Al Gore, that being the current True Church of the Democrat Party.

  19. Brrrr…

    Sensible scientists from the Left are beginning to speak out about the Global Warming myth…seems we’re heading for the next Ice Age.:)

    Atlast, more sources against Gorelike alarmists are filing realistic statistics proving the fraud.


  20. Thanks, Kay. Yeah– “Brrrr” is a word I never thought I would hear in these days of rampant Global Warming; there’s something so wrong about that. Ice Age a far more likely prospect. Just ask Kentucky.

  21. Zack: >>Just ask Kentucky

    It snowed for real in Dubai..the only snow they’ve seen in two Centuries is man made for their billion dollar slope for rich tourists.

    Sad that Obama’s new Energy Secy, (Kah)Choo has warned California that they’ll soon lose all agriculture when the heat is on…Ooops? no more fruits and nuts?:)


  22. Kay: Would that the coming Global Warming/Freezing DID thin out the California fruit ‘n’ nut quotient, politically speaking. Normal Californians would be willing to put up with the raging ice-storms/blistering heat (take your pick) in order to decimate the crop of liberals.

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