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This blogsite– Grey Complex, Piercing Azure Sky— is absolutely unique and extraordinary.  It’s a hard-to-describe amalgam of free-floating, poetic imagery and thinking, but despite those seemingly “artsy” attributes is undoubtedly conservative politically and thus safe for non-braindead, non-Leftist folk with a yen for a place of depth and imagination.  Frequent postings of actual college notes– enormously resonant of those days of furious learning, leavened with humor– will so take you back to your seat in the 3rd row, Poli-Sci that you can smell the chalk dust in the air.  A true must-visit for thoughtful types.



  1. öhmmmmm

  2. Dave, that sounded suspiciously derogatory– EVEN with the umlauted “o” to class it up. This is NOT, repeat NOT some kind of New Age omfest of a site and I think you know that…

  3. I was being abstruse. Dude’s straight arrow AND artsy fartsy, just like me.

  4. That being said, I will take “Ohmmmmm” as praise of the highest order.

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