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In My Copious Free Time is one of those sites I think of as “good cuppa coffee blogs.”  Like that morning cup of joe it’s an utterly warm and pleasant presence, all the while delivering that special jolt that sets it apart from, say, orange juice (or, to finish out the metaphor, from many other personal-reflection type blogs).  Wes is a fine, thoughtful, creative writer, conservative, interesting, multifaceted and upbeat.  You can’t do better than to stop in and check out his latest unique ruminations on politics, the culture and everything in between.



  1. Thanks for the shout out and kind words, Zack. One of the best things to come out off starting my blog was getting in touch with you — and my wife not having to listen to me talking back to the television so much!

    Some weekend when our schedules match up, the first beer is on me.

  2. Wes: …or the first cuppa coffee, in keeping with the post? Hey, anytime, my friend. I know just the bar, and in my neck of the woods you can even order a fajita or burritto with that beer.

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