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…by sassy new website Concerned Citizens for Communal Prosperity.   “It’s just another Lefty hangout,” you snort, preparing to exit; then you notice the tiny hammer & sickle emblazoned on the side of  the Democrat donkey, the slightly overblown halo above Obama’s head, and the shameless profusion of the color red everywhere.  Yes– this is a put-on; the cries of “I’m proud to be a liberal” and “Stand up for our Barack” are ersatz; and you’re in the middle of a very well done hoax.  But the news items are genunine enough, and you can really catch up on the latest buffoonery from the oafish and dangerous Left at this fun-spirited and useful site, with blog attached.



  1. Bwaahaaa…reminds me of People’s Cube.

  2. i wish that site had a forum or something, like user accounts.

    the peoples cube rules, comrades!

  3. Ah, c’mon guys, cut a new website some slack. Scarcely anything is absolutely new and unique; I imagine most of the websites and blogs we all go to have plenty in common with many of the other blogs we frequent. Shakespeare’s plays were based on other peoples’ earlier writings or on historical stories… etc. etc.

  4. I come not to praise Geitner, but to bury him.

  5. We have a myspace where everyone is encouraged to contribute and comment (As long as it is in the same font).

  6. Thanks, Communal. I’ll font my way over there later today.

    • ManosHands
    • Posted April 3, 2009 at 4:58 am
    • Permalink

    The website is owned by someone in Canada. How we idealize places we aren’t in.

  7. ManosHands? What? Canada, eh? I think you need to try a little further south. This site is 100% United States Democratic Socialism.

  8. Yeah– I think Communal Properity has answered that one pretty directly, ManosHands. I know for a fact they’re as American as apple pie, even know the creator. You must be thinking of some other site.

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