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Imagine stumbling long and dangerously through the darkness of a nation thoroughly fogged up by Progressivism,  then suddenly coming across a pristine village where all the inhabitants love America, flags are for waving (not burning)  and A,C, L and U are just letters in the alphabet, untainted by destructive organizations.  You’ve reached Conservababes , a large, joyfully conservative cluster of bloggers (men and women can be Conservababes, it turns out).  Pull up a comfy chair,  pour yourself a cup of coffee (or something stronger) and just hang out:  you’re safe now.  Handy navigation tips will help you weave your way through the many topics, forums and personalities but getting lost is part of the fun as it turns out and at least you’ll be among friends.



    • Donna C
    • Posted May 15, 2009 at 1:26 pm
    • Permalink

    ZACK!!!! Wow…I dunno what to say!

    (Meanwhile, everyone else is rejoicing that you’re kind words have left me speechless! =oP)

    Seriously…what can I say, except that I am extremely grateful, and humbled beyond description, and the kindness you have bestowed upon CBabes!

    Thank you, from the deepest recesses of my heart.

    (Hmmm…so much for that “shutting up” thing, eh? =oP)

  1. Not at all, Donna, it’s a cool site with all the forums anyone could ask for… a bit like mingling at a Conservative Convention. Even Pyonghua and Kool-aid Man would find it of interest and I have every intention of swiftly steering them in your direction should they show up here again.

  2. I am a long-time administrator of Cbabes, the most intelligent conservative forum on the net. We are small (we like it that way), mostly well-educated professionals, and passionate defenders of the Founders and the Founding Documents. We not only welcome but encourage debates with liberals. Up to now they haven’t stuck around very long after being overwhelmed by facts, Christian kindness, pure logic and unbridled patriotism. We’re proud of our “little corner of sanity” in an insane liberal world.

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