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  1. You know you’re living in a sick world when there’s a Santa Village set up in the middle of all the Halloween decorations at the local hardware store. (Not making that up). As if the shameless hucksterism wasn’t bad enough—-how could they fail to notice the irony?

    “A Charlie Brown Christmas” becomes more sadly relevant every year.

  2. Yep– Santa World butting up against The Witch’s Cauldron of drill bits at the hardward store is unsettling. Though there is a hefty part of me that enjoys it all despite the whining post here. “Santa Meets the Old Witch”– it’s the stuff of grade Z fantasy-classics of the early ’60s, or at least that how it’s liable to play out in my head, which is smile-evoking after all.

  3. The single most bizarre thing I’ve ever found at a flea market was some rinkydink kids’ activity book from decades ago called “Discover Mars With Santa Claus.”
    How such a premise even entered someone’s head in the first place is further beyond the reaches of my imagination than Mars itself could ever be.

  4. Marbles: It’s marvelous, quite aside from giving further credence to the Santa Claus Conquers the Martians postulation. Did you buy it, and if so when will you be posting a file here of the cover art?

  5. You BET I bought it. XD
    There’s really nothing very interesting about it beyond its silly premise, though. Still, if I can manage to find the thing in this pile of papers I call an apartment, I’ll bring it up.

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