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Dr. Jamie Glazov of Frontpage Magazine has just published what Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney calls “the most important book in America.”  After reading the full review by Richard Perle at Frontpage it hardly sounds like an overstatement.  From Perle’s review:

“In this extraordinary collection of interviews, Jamie Glazov demonstrates that consistent, searching questions can both enrich and impart coherence to disparate answers: for what emerges from 29 interviews conducted over eight years is an illuminating  and important commentary on the largest issues facing America and the West.

It is a commentary whose preoccupation reflects history—Jamie’s Glazov’s history, rich in the issues of identity, freedom, truth telling and courage.  Jamie, it may be said, has had rather more history than he needed—as a man whose parents were dissidents in the Soviet Union and who was taught the values of freedom and the courage to fight for it from the beginning.  It is no wonder that he is so wholly absorbed in understanding and opposing, radical, political Islam and its apologists.  Today’s “useful idiots,” like those who preceded them, are drawn almost entirely from the Left.  Indeed, many of the individuals are the same, as is the intellectual foundation of their obsessive disdain for the liberal values of an open society.  In one way or another nearly all the interviews in this book touch on the readiness of the Left, in an often ludicrous pursuit of political correctness, to accept, and even to advance, the Islamist agenda that has replaced communism as the principal threat to western values and civilization…”


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    • Steve
    • Posted December 1, 2010 at 10:16 pm
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    Time to “stir the pudding”…

    Where is wootabega,… or what has he changed his name to?… when we really need his insight about the radical Islamic threat !

    Given all our heart-warming dialog at: ‘Mosque To Avoid’ …I sure would love Santa to give wootabega this book as a stocking stuffer… however, he would have to want to read it, too.

    The repeating cycle in the past sixty years is that there is always a segment of America that cannot grasp the concept that there are foreign interests who want to destroy our country and culture – in part, or completely.
    The cold war was not caused from a series of misunderstandings of old-guard curmudgeons… the Soviets had a goal to take Western Europe (however bizarre & unrealistic that now seems), and they were planning to use however many nuclear weapons as needed.

    From Zacks cartoon, ‘Manifest Destiny’, Liberal-style , the graphic showing the lower 48 states as “Amexica” is a satirical reference to the actual and true agenda of La Rasa – they advocate the entire Southwest of the U.S. is territory belonging to Mexico.
    For you who doubt this, their wishful-thinking fictional maps are easily found around the internet.
    I am so grateful that Ft. Hood – with our three Armor Divisions… is in Southern Texas-!!
    (Hint: its location is not a coincidence ! )

    Now, we have for these past several years the thugs from CAIR** being coddled by our doting lame-stream media. US elected politicians – most all are Democrats (including RINO Michael Bloomberg ) – have the shameless chutzpah to support this Islamic terrorist victory mosque at ground zero.
    [ ** – a proven pro-Islamic terrorist media front group, advocating the destruction of Israel ]

    The common thread from the cold war, the security of the US Southern border & illegal immigration problems, and now the threat of radical Islam is – generally the same liberal ‘blind mice’ in this country did not / cannot / will not acknowledge all three of these…

    God gave all creatures the instincts for danger & threat recognition – somehow, this ‘progressive’ sub-culture has mutated that gift into believing the Christian Coalition and Sarah Palin represents a greater threat.

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