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  1. GREAT cartoon! And I imagine that in the next frame (if there was one), the woman would be taking the candy out of the boys bags so she’d be ready to hand it out to the next deserving victim of discrimination.

  2. Thanks Stilt, and yes, sounds like you’ve got a dead-on follow-up outlined there. Allison would love nothing more than taking from the “unfairly priveleged” and redistributing it to societally victimized trick-or-treaters. She might even like the taking part more than the giving!

    • geeknerd
    • Posted November 1, 2010 at 7:24 am
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    I knew America ceased to be racist when they did a remake of “Walking Tall, the Story of Bufford Pusser” with a black man in the lead role — AND THERE WERE NO RIOTS IN THE SOUTH!!!

    • wootabega
    • Posted November 1, 2010 at 9:25 am
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    It’s nice she got extra candy. Now she’ll have some treats to give to her autistic siblings that are not allowed to leave the house.

    • Myron Mesecke
    • Posted November 3, 2010 at 12:09 pm
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    Of course she likes taking more than giving. That’s the whole problem with having the Government run so many things. The middle man always has to take his cut. Bigger Government = more taking.

    • Intelligent Observer
    • Posted November 13, 2010 at 12:07 pm
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    @wootabega: STFU.

    @geeknerd: I’m sorry, but are you really that dumb? Institutionalized racism is still around

    Anyway, this is just sick………..

    • Steve
    • Posted November 13, 2010 at 7:48 pm
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    Int-Observer — your ‘handle’ is interestingly immodest for someone who parrots the Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson-esk, race baiting generalizations.

    Where, exactly are examples of “Institutionalized racism…” found today ?
    Where ?

    And as you are likely to cite an institution or industry where blacks are not “represented” according to some percentage that who-knows assigns, what is the circumstantial evidence that anyone has excluded people due to their race ?

    Actually, I do know of some local fast-food places here where the entire staff has been 100% black, for the past several years. Not one of the applicants who were white, have been hired. Does THAT bother you ?

    What you and those who parrot this specious claim (” Institutionalized racism…” ) reflexively do, is that you assign causation to correlation. It is a trap for those incapable of putting reasoning over trumped-up emotions, or those who will lie through their teeth to promote an agenda.

    A very simple example of assigning causation to correlation could be this; everyone on death row in the US has worn blue jeans. Therefore, blue jeans help promote murder.

    The following is a REAL life example… so, please, please, tell me if you see any “racism” in the following;
    Back in ’86, I entered the US Army Ranger School, where there were a series of entrance tests. One was called the ‘Combat Survival Swim Test’. If you fail it, you cannot continue into the Ranger School.
    Simply – a Ranger student, while wearing a kevlar helmet, LBE harness, combat boots, BDU’s, and while holding a ‘dummy’ M-16, had to tred water for 30 seconds – transition about 15 feet, tred water another 30 seconds, then exit the pool. All the time, it was required that the student keeps his head, from the chin & jaw, above water. No exceptions.
    I was the first to hop in the deep water, and as I was swimming throughout my whole youth, this test was easy for me to pass.
    Upon exiting the water, the Ranger instructor slapped the clip board into my chest, and told me to grade everyone, according to the standards. Those who failed this swim test did so miserably… they just totally submerged under the water and had to be pulled out by their safety line.

    Two hours later, everyone was graded. Every one of the 20+ black soldiers in our class failed the test, and were dismissed from that Ranger class. No one else failed & the result was a nearly all Caucasian class, with a few Hispanic guys.
    There are blacks throughout the our Ranger Battalions however, not in the same proportions as the rest of the Army.
    Do you want to be foolish enough to claim the US Army Ranger program is “racist” ??
    If so, I suggest you have the backbone to make that assertion to the face of, in person to, some Rangers.

    I will enjoy the video~

  3. Steve:

    While dubious of the over-reliance on buzzterms like “institutionalized racism” (just one of many umbrella terms that can be abused when the accuser doesn’t have solid ground to stand on), I am also well aware that it is impossible to see and experience life in someone else’s shoes.
    Reading and conversing on a couple of black blogs for the past two or so years has made me aware of certain things I was not aware of before. Race hustling is a gutterslime occupation and crying wolf is contemptible, but there exists another side to these things, and those of us lucky enough to find ourselves in the majority should not forget that.

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