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    • Steve
    • Posted October 14, 2010 at 9:54 am
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    District #2 – a carefully gerrymandered district in SW Georgia… ( “The district is 47.3 percent white and 47.5 percent black…” )… and the Democrat has been exposed for diverting scholarships to family members… which is a career enhancer within his party.

    “As of September 27th – Bishop led Keown 46.5 percent to 46 percent with 7 percent undecided. The 1/2-point difference was well within the survey’s 4.9-point margin of error.”


  1. “Giant government” and “less freedom” are fine and dandy as buzzwords, but can you translate them into anything tangible?

    “Disingenuous” is being kind, when describing those who would throw “giant government” stones at this administration while condoning (usually through silence) the vastly more intrusive overreach of the Bush era. If anyone wants to talk about this administration’s abject refusal to relinquish any of that grabbed power (which some of us were never confident they would do, anyway), I’m on board. But hysteria over “government control” of health care and the car industry is overwrought at best and completely nutso at worst.
    This ties right into “less freedom.” Less freedom for who? Certainly no one who supported the Bush administration’s draconian policies and slashes to the fabric of civil liberties could possibly claim to be caring about these things now—-unless the cognitive dissonance is great enough for them to be suddenly made to care about them when a Democrat comes into office who didn’t actually start the policies but is continuing them. But then, that’d be pretty darned silly, wouldn’t it? Gotta be something else.

    • Steve
    • Posted October 16, 2010 at 1:57 am
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    “He can compress the most words into the smallest idea of any man I know.”
    — Abraham Lincoln

    Your opening question is very telling… as all 185 words attest to your invincible ignorance.
    Why not summarize yourself in a few candid points;
    – I Marbles, do not know squat, nor appreciate anything about American or Western history.
    – I Marbles, am still suffering from ‘Bush derangement’ syndrome.
    – I Marbles, will be bursting with joy when California legalizes pot-!

  2. I, Marbles, request that Steve actually explain “less freedom” instead throwing around “invincible ignorance.” as if alliteritive phrases contain all the answers.

    I, Marbles, also assert that “Bush Derangement Syndrome” is nothing but three cute words that are meant to give oneself a pass from having to actually detail why they stand behind the policies that half the nation condemns.

    And I, Marbles, am simply laughing at what the third comment reveals.

    Yeesh. Seriously.

    • Catherine
    • Posted October 17, 2010 at 9:21 am
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    And Here’s the Bumper Sticker:

    “The Bigger The Government, The Smaller The Citizen.” D.Prager

    Marbles “BDS” maybe 3 cute words to you, but it is and accurate description of what the Left is going through. “Intrusive overreach?” Name one instance, anything. Not just an accusation, but just 1 intrusive overreach. Just a couple of cute words. And as far as the take over of most of the auto industry and health care, anyone that can put their shoes on correctly knows that is exactly what has taken place.

    Marbles, you are stuck in you Leftist propaganda education, media and blogs. You may take a peak at conservative websites and may tune in to talk radio on occasion, but you don’t stay and listen long enough to learn anything. You run right back to your comfort zone. You want to be taken care of by someone. Find a good mate, get married and stop wanting the government to handle all your problems. The Government Is The Problem.

    • Steve
    • Posted October 17, 2010 at 3:56 pm
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    I tend to be a literalist… (something Marbles is unlikely to understand) that is, words means things, idea’s have consequences, and so do those two words, ‘invincible ignorance’.
    Consider two revealing statements from Marbles;
    “Giant government” and “less freedom” are fine and dandy as buzzwords, but can you translate them into anything tangible?
    “I, Marbles, request that Steve actually explain “less freedom” instead throwing around “invincible ignorance.” as if alliteritive phrases contain all the answers.”

    Perhaps it is a new trend with these lib-progressive-lefties…
    the premise of their arguments is to make it incumbent upon us conservatives to educate them on all the history & basis of this Republic’s founding principles.

    Further, an added technique of avoiding the meaning of words… denial and obfuscation are easier for them in argument than engaging the merit of idea’s that implicitly requires the frank meaning of words.
    Perhaps for our “progressive” friends, Zack’s next cartoon will require us to have a ‘L’ on the left shoe… and an “R’ on the right one, and the complete etymology of those two words.

  3. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

    • Steve
    • Posted November 30, 2010 at 7:40 pm
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    Sad – even though the fact that Sanford Bishop is corrupt (diverting scholarships to family members) – this race-baited district ensured he was re-elected.

    Too bad – Mike Keown is a very good man…

    On a very bright note, LTC Allen West was elected in FL-22.

    I cannot wait to hear West get into a one-on-one debate with Barney Fwank

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