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  1. No-one’s forcing people to use “Obamacare” though. They still have the right to use private medicine, just like in the UK.

    • Steve
    • Posted November 6, 2010 at 5:36 pm
    • Permalink

    The near 3,000 page “Obama Care” bill was passed sight unseen. It was not given so much as one day in open congressional committee hearings for public review.
    It was rammed through just like a rubber-stamped edict within a banana republic.

    So, sorry to contradict your claim – ObamaCare IS designed to eliminate, systematically ALL private health insurance and force everyone to the government system.
    You are not up to date on the hideous truth of what is in this freedom-killing bill.

    Only in the past 5 months, have are the details coming to the attention of the public.

    Obama, Pelosi,… ALL lied through their teeth about this, just to get it rammed through congress & signed into law.

    Did you notice what happened here on Nov. 2nd ?

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