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    • Donna C
    • Posted August 6, 2009 at 10:52 am
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    Hoooo-boy Zack! This is gonna push them over the edge! Looking forward to the meltdown! =oD

    Please tell me you’ve at least given Diversity a chance, and that’s NOT the Hudson?!

  1. She will survive to carry on, Donna. Thanks for carrying on yourself against all manner of off-kilter interlocutors here, both liberal and -?-

    • Mark
    • Posted August 6, 2009 at 11:12 am
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    Noooo Diversity!! Here’s your chance – he’s too busy with the newspaper – wrap the rope around HIS leg.

    Tell me this is just the ‘bad dream’ sequence, Zach, right?

    Come to think of it, there’s a nightmare I wish we could all wake up from!

  2. No I’m in NYC and that’s definitely NOT the Hudson river, lol!! Wow! This is getting very intense now! What’s next?? I got to see what happens!

    Zack, you know I love the 3D effects, great job! But, the ACTION! There’s always a lot of action going on and you do a great job at it, because it is so accurate and so revealing, it really brings out the “Liberalism” in Alex and the others, yes, so accurate and revealing. And of course, the wording explains the moods and aspirations the “Liberal-Leftist” truly believe. Not to mention, the “Stupidity.”

    How can “WE” work to overturn.. Excellent!

    Someone please help Diversity!!

  3. Lord help me. A riot.

    Good stuff.

    What makes it doubly funny is that THAT world (multi-culti, PC analysis of even saying “good morning”, Nanny-State rules on veggies and kids) is upon us.


  4. Thanks Mark, and point well taken: her cartoon nightmare is the one we endure in reality. But she’ll eventually come out on top, and so will we.

    Many thanks, Jose, you’re like the official DL Art Critic. Oh wait, I almost forgot– wootabega hath pronounced this Non-Art.

    Much appreciate the shrewd comment, Wakefield. Is that your real name? Either way, I love it– sounds like some colorful figure played by W.C. Fields, or maybe an Ayn Rand character.

  5. Yeah, I could be a right wing version of Mr. Elsworth Tooey, I guess.

    Except I’m a little more tacky and unrefined, and can’t imagine saying SOME things such as”

    “Ya know, Peter, science has proven that reality has no basis in fact”, as I stare down with condescension dripping off my bispected glasses.

    I’ll let people chew on that for a moment when it comes to Leftist “deconstructionism.”

    But it is my real name.


    As far as W.C. Fields, I’m not quite the drunk or the jerk (usually) but do like his comment that anyone who hates kids and dogs can’t be all bad, etc.

  6. I for one applaud the honesty in this strip. In a demon-haunted world where the menace of The Other and ideas counter to your own nostalgic childhood beliefs constantly terrify and dog your every moment, perhaps the most rational thing to do is to end your life.

    Show us the way, Liberty! Too bad it’s a fallen world.

    • Arnak
    • Posted August 6, 2009 at 2:17 pm
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    I would love to be a counselor at that camp. If all the staff was either drunk or high most of the time at the Boy Scout camp I worked at, I can only imagine how awesome working at hippie communist camp would be

    • Norman Hines
    • Posted August 6, 2009 at 4:43 pm
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    Sounds more like the re-education camps to which my wife’s uncles were sent after the fall of Saigon.

    My wife has three uncles; one in the South Vietnamese army, another in its air force, and the third in the police force of the city of Saigon. All were sent to to the same camps that had held POWs. is a movie that dramatized what happened to the South Vietnamese after the North broke their word.

    • ikabod
    • Posted August 6, 2009 at 4:54 pm
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    Well Norman you know that John Kerry didn’t think those re-education camps where so bad. And those that survived.. I mean “graduated” have become fine upstanding citizens.

  7. Beautiful art, Zack. I love the viewer’s perspective & rendering of the dock, love the greys and tones of the water.

  8. Wakefield: Love that you’re on top of all this stuff. And great Randian quotation there. What a wild gal, that Ayn. Ditto on revering that Fields line.

    Glad you approve of the cartoon, Chris. By demon-haunted world I trust you’re referring to our regualar commentator here, wootebega?


    “If all the staff was either drunk or high most of the time at the Boy Scout camp I worked at, I can only imagine how awesome working at hippie communist camp would be.”

    What I wonder is how many trails they’d actually be able to find their way home from? Also, how many accidental forest fires per stoned summer.

    Fascinating stuff, Norman. The film sounds harrowing, and very worthwhile.

    Ikabod: What do we think of Kerry now, in the wake of the Obama election: better than Barack, or worse? In a sense, I think still worse: Obama is self-destructing and will eventually be seen by most non-ideologues as by far our worst president, due to his impetuousness (in turn the result of his fanaticism). But Kerry would have gone in for the same crappy ideas but done it more slowly, more stealthily. Ultimately he may have been even worse than this current sham.

    Many thanks, Cagey. Judging by your blog you’ve got a great artistic sense, so coming from you that’s really good to hear.

  9. Testing

    • buckitz
    • Posted August 7, 2009 at 4:37 am
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    I like that he’s blithely reading the paper, unaware of Diversity’s distress.
    Reminds me of the only Dennis the Menace cartoon I found funny,
    “He’s reading what’s happening all over the world, but he doesn’t know his newspaper’s in his coffee.”

    • ikabod
    • Posted August 7, 2009 at 8:45 am
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    Don’t pay much attention to Kerry. Kerry would have done far worse in the Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember, liberals don’t fight wars they do everything they can to lose them.

  10. The demon haunted world I speak of is the world that the character of Diversity (and many of your commenters) live in, where the spectres of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and EMPATHY and GOVERNMENT and MINORITIES and ACADEMICS and FEMINISTS and ENVIRONMENTALISTS loom eternal. Perhaps also the number thirteen and black cats? I have not read the full archives, so I’m not sure what else has been distorted into a shambling horror in the strip.

    There are lots seemingly normal every day things that horrify and disgust Diversity, be it the concept of industrial hemp or having to deal with black people. If such things are so difficult, suicide is the ethical choice this anger and disgust manifests itself in a way that harms others. I applaud this brave storytelling move.

  11. I knew that’s what you meant, Chris– I was joking.

  12. I am sorry I underestimated your perceptiveness! Are you wearing special glasses today?

  13. Naah– I see pretty clearly without ’em.

  14. Could you use that clarity to explain why the evil liberal camp is using propane or some other fossil fuel powered campfire rather than, you know, wood?

    That doesn’t even seem to hew to a logical Evil Liberal camp, it just seems to be a list of things you don’t care for. Will they be using ketchup or mustard as condiments on their hot dogs? (or yes, tofu dogs, because they’re vegetarians) Which do you prefer? Which will the dystopic liberal death camp use? Why?

  15. Aw, lighten up, Chris. This is a cartoon series.

    • ikabod
    • Posted August 7, 2009 at 12:06 pm
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    Now I am assuming that the camp has a course on non-violent conflict resolution. Each course will begin with the customary apology, the proper surrender techniques. Non-assertiveness. Then with the help of the Neville Chamberlain manual on negotiations the camper will have a complete well rounded curricula on appeasement methods.

  16. So long as you agree that these funny pictures have no bearing on real life or real people, I’ll be happy to lighten up!

    I was just worried that people believed there was any reflection in reality or a “message” to the cartoons. So long as it’s a wacky dream world like Zippy the Pinhead or Krazy Kat using a lot of hot button real world terms for flavor, then carry on. I honestly do like the Addams Family pastiche.

    • ikabod
    • Posted August 7, 2009 at 12:09 pm
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    Zack. Liberalism isn’t funny.

  17. No– you’re right, Ikabod. There is nothing at all worthy of satire in the liberal/Left world. Including humorlessness about themselves.

  18. Satire would be awesome. Obama’s image as a Mega Liberal when most of his policies are just non-Crusading-Evangelical Bush policies enacted competently would be something that I would love to see satirized. Do you know of any comic strips or blogs that satirize liberalism?

    Because all I see here is logically inconsistent xenophobia and name-calling.

  19. Chris,

    Propane is a clean-burning, environmentally friendly fuel. Unlike burning actual wood, which releases particulate pollutants into the air and returns sequestered carbon to the atmosphere. Here in my area of Southern California, for instance, wood-burning fireplaces are being regulated and even made illegal to include in newly constructed homes. See, for example:,0,2914257.story

    Not that this reflects on reality in any way, of course. The South Coast Air Quality Management District is just some wacky dream and doesn’t affect the lives of real people… 🙂

  20. Thanks Wes– I needed that.

  21. Zack, has anyone reported you to yet?

  22. Haha– can’t say I’ve checked yet, Jason. Have a feeling though that I’d have a lot of good company there.

    What about you?

  23. I just love all these sniveling marrxist drone trolls complaining about the lack of “ideological balance” in Zack’s cartoons.
    Didn’t remember them complaining when Condi Rice was portrayed like a pickaninny horse.

    To you libs: STFU.

  24. Good point, David. And as Norman pointed out recently, my stuff is a meager attempt to ideologically balance out the titanic flood of liberal-left cartoons, columns, movies, TV shows, college courses and left-drenched institutions currently holding sway over the entire culture (and degrading it everywhere).

  25. But soft! Bot Lo! 100% of MSNBC prime time Little Red Talking bobbleheads accuse Fox of being biased!!1!

    • Longfellow
    • Posted August 9, 2009 at 9:56 pm
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    Maybe it’s just because I’ve actually lived under a Communist government for a time (more by an accident of time and history than any actual desire to live under Communism), but I find this casual throwing around of labels like “Marxist,” “Stalinist,” and “Communist” frankly appalling. As I’ve said before, words can be weapons, and as such deserve all the same respect you’d give a rifle or any other weapon.

    • ikabod
    • Posted August 9, 2009 at 10:42 pm
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    Longfellow, that is the problem. Once words can be seen as weapons, and that they can be regarded as offensive. Then the issue of free speech is severely controlled. I being a fat dumb and happy American that has no knowledge of the government you lived under. Yet It is appalling to me for you to claim that we should be “careful” with the words we use. I don’t allow people of any political leanings to use the power of “words” or communication to offend me. The last thing I want to be told… “Shhhhhh careful what you say… your libel to get us both killed…”

    • Norman Hines
    • Posted August 10, 2009 at 7:41 am
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    ikabod: Exactly right. The statists of all stripes first seek to control the language, as illustrated in the appendix to Orwell’s “1984.”

    My wife, who was a teenager in Saigon when the North broke their word and invaded (and the US broke our word to return if they did), so she’s seen the worst time to live under a Communist government; when it begins to subjugate a population. She made me take my “Indict Bill Clinton” bumper sticker off my truck for fear of reprisals.

    (As you can tell, I refuse to “move on.”)

  26. Hmmm…so no problem with nazi, fascist then, Longfellow? What exactly is frankly appalling?

    • NOTnchammer
    • Posted August 10, 2009 at 8:06 am
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    First it was Something Awful, now it’s Cracked’s turn.

  27. Two VERY well respected bastions of journalism. Well, at least as credible as MSNBC…and probably with more viewership.

  28. 1) I was totally wrong on the natural gas/wood burning thing. I made a dumb assumption that fossil fuels are inherently more expensive/dirty. Egg on my face. I was wrong, perhaps your strawman hyperliberal summer camp would use natural gas.

    I also have no idea why that would be a bad thing, having read Wesley’s link. Is it because Californians do it? Because your grandpappy didn’t do it like that? Did you hear somewhere that Socialists/Muslims/Mexicans/Blacks/Homosexuals use natural gas and propane? I don’t get it.

    2) I understand everyone’s desire to “ideologically balance” and let their thoughts be heard, but I don’t think what you guys are seeking out is balance. It appears to be, in the words of David Waldman, for everyone who doesn’t agree with him to “shut the fuck up”.

    Which is great, the “libs” need to shut the fuck up, but if someone who has lived under a Communist regime says that people shouldn’t throw “communist” or “fascist” around willy-nilly, therefore watering down the word, people immediately jump to the conclusion that he’s in the employ of Obama’s Orwellian Thought Police FEMA Death Camp Gestapo ACORN Militia.

    I don’t know who actually expresses the opinions you rail against in your cartoon. Just because someone thinks that Henry Louis Gates was treated poorly doesn’t mean they want cops to let roving negro gangs blow up houses with no reprisal. Just because someone doesn’t want abortion to be made illegal, it does not follow they wish to terminate 100% of all fetuses. Supporting the concept of diversity does not involve stamping on the face of all white dudes forever.

    I really don’t get how you people feel so closed in on and underrepresented, unless you really do hate and fear anyone ‘different’ than you. If there is an outright resentment and hatred for the existence of blacks, muslims, gays, feminists and anyone else that wouldn’t fit into some sort of Aryan Christian Theocracy, then I guess I understand your desire for a “counterbalance” from reality. And I can see how you want people to shut the fuck up. But then again I also see why people like that go out and shoot up public spaces, so I can’t really endorse this sort of echo chamber.

    • ikabod
    • Posted August 10, 2009 at 11:25 am
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    Ah yet African Americans, have a valid reason to blow up house’s…. Or Muslims have every reason to kill innocents. You see we have it coming. According to the left we have had it coming for quite some time. Let me know when they have gotten over the transgressions of this careless and selfish nation of ours.

  29. This is not an argument any rational person makes, nor one that is popularly held or expressed.

    By ascribing it to anyone that disagrees with you, you close off the possibility of any sort of rational discussion, and accept that your position can be twisted so that you are a bitter bigot who wishes for a return to slavery and a completion of the Holocaust, because I bet someone said that somewhere, and that is WHAT ALL CONSERVATIVES THINK.

    Do you see why this does not work?

    • ikabod
    • Posted August 10, 2009 at 4:27 pm
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    “fit into some sort of Aryan Christian Theocracy”
    Your attempt to label us as bigots has been a common argument for years. Your not about solving anything. Common liberal tactic. Call em racist. Period. Well the problem is, the programs that you have set for have done nothing to help the African American rise above any sort of depravity. For example I want school vouchers. That way African Americans can choose the better schools. Get a better education. Liberals look at vouchers as a means to allow African Americans to get just that, a better education. No, keep them on the democrat plantation. Keep people of color angry enough to keep voting, liberal and stupid enough they don’t catch on to the fallacy of liberalism. Wanna see a racist? Look in the mirror. Next time you see a person of color do you see a man or victim? Maybe one day you’ll look at a man and see him for his character, try it someday.

    • Mark
    • Posted August 10, 2009 at 6:40 pm
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    This is a longer post, apologies in advance…

    Chris, I USED to be what Americans call ‘liberal’ here in Australia until I learnt when I was about 31 that most lefties support abortion – the deliberate killing of innocents specifically. It is such an obvious evil that I could not figure out why some people could even consider it when so many better alternatives, like adoption, exist.

    That was the beginning of the end for me as I suddenly I began to consider the basic tenets to which the left end of the political spectrum held. (I was a card-carrying union member, btw) And I discovered, that despite the best intentions (usually ideas like compassion on people, advocations of personal freedoms) it is the application of these ideas that don’t work in practice. That isn’t to say that those on the opposite side of the political spectrum oppose the same basic motivations – in fact I believe they more fully embrace them – because to achieve them they are willing to apply a dose of reality to them rather than just following some starry-eyed ideology. Look around, open your eyes to history as well as the world today. Ask yourself about the richest countries in the world and what kind of economic system they follow as opposed to the poorest countries. Of course there are lots of variables, but it is no accident that you live in a country where food is not scarce and opportunities abound for those willing to work.

    And it is no accident that older people tend to hold to ‘right-wing’ ideas. The reason is simple – experience. They also like people to not starve and have a roof over their heads. They value freedom too. But experience helps them understand how that can actually be achieved. Lefties, by and large, refuse to look at life fully. To me, even the old ones seem like adults who never grew up.

    And another of their most consistent traits – inconsistency. You claim that you want “rational discussion” – I SERIOUSLY doubt that. To apply yourself to rational discussion means that you have to be willing to give up your ideas if something better comes along – ie. someone else’s idea is MORE rational. I spend a lot of time on another blog from a very well-read Christian scholar (I’ve seen his book collection) who requires full name disclosure and watch repeatedly how extremists run away when their pathetic beliefs are given a dose of reality. They can’t handle the possibility that they might be wrong. The funny thing is, they never think about the fact that most people, like me (and the guy who runs the blog), actually came to where they are by considering precisely this question – “What if I’m wrong about _______?” (fill in the blank)

    One last thing – as Zack said. lighten up! It’s a CARTOON. Exaggeration is a legitimate tool to expose the absurdity of ideas. It is simply a creative way – as opposed to an argumentative methodology limited to just words – to follow ideas to their logical (or illogical) conclusion. Sometimes rational people call it ‘humour’.

    And for Zack, let me just encourage you that if you are getting trolls engaging in this kind of obfuscating tripe it is highly likely that you are getting it right.

  30. Are you Chris Matthews? Regardless, shut the fuck up, you marxist nothing.

  31. Mark– thanks for that incredibly eloquent comment. You’ve responded to the anti-Diversity Lane crowd the way I would, had I the time (and if I could write that well). Every word in your comment is measured and most thoughtful. As with a handful of other regular, very sharp commentors here, it’s an honor to have you.

  32. David– c’mon pal, you’re letting ’em get to you! They’re not worth it, and we both know that.

  33. Mark,

    Thank you for the measured response and not leaping to the name-calling vitriol that some of your fellow commenters immediately leapt to. You waited until the very end of your response to call my posts “obfuscating tripe”, and that took a lot of self-control!

    I think you’re making a lot of assumptions about my age, level of education, view of victimhood and a host of other things. The fact that I am not a hardline conservative but am reading conservative blogs and commenting on them seems to me that I am more open to new ideas than most of the people here. I even admitted I was 100% wrong on the wood-burning vs. gas burning issue, though I suppose the further conclusion I was expected to make was “gas burning fireplaces are being promoted as environmentally friendlier and therefore are part of a Marxist Socialist Fascist Dystopia and must be stopped”.

    It’s pretty obvious that self-examination is neither welcome nor encouraged here, and that this is some comfort food for people who hate Obama and think everyone different than them is either someone duped into Victimhood, or a Marxist Communist MSNBC Barack Hussein Allah O’Bama Nation brownshirt trying to take away your money. I’m sorry for disrupting the community vibe. I should just laugh at the funny racebaiting.

    • ikabod
    • Posted August 11, 2009 at 12:29 pm
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    I think its pretty apparent here that the majority of the commentary is of the right wing slant. Yet I don’t see Zack doing a lot of eliminating those who disagree with him. Not so much on dailykos, democrat underground. Once they find out your a conservative the otherwise “peaceful and understanding” attendees turn into raging foulmouthed haters. Although I cannot stand a lot of the liberal postings on this site I sure as hell don’t want it squelched. You got something to say, say it. Yet I’m not the moderator and therefore cannot change nor comment further on the policies. The bottom line is this. We need to laugh at each other every once in a while, and come to realization that liberals are indeed funny. Conservatives are funny. Garry Trudeau has made a career out of more often than not aiming his liberal artist pin in the direction of Conservatives. Zack is doing the same. I don’t see the difference. A lot times in these forums we get all wound up in our political agendas and extremes. I have a acquaintance at a local bar. (yes conservatives drink) Dead nuts socialist, to the extreme. We get into it call each other names, and then end up buying each other a beer at the end of the night. I’m hoping it can be that way around here.

    • Jake
    • Posted August 11, 2009 at 12:42 pm
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    “turn into raging foulmouthed haters.”

    Sounds like David Waldman.

    • Mark
    • Posted August 11, 2009 at 1:44 pm
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    “It’s pretty obvious that self-examination is neither welcome nor encouraged here”

    I answered that already – the fact that I arrived at the position I am now at is precisely due to self-examination. I am not convinced you are so moderate as you think. The whole “rational discussion” (as if it is your standard that is right) simply does not stack up with my experience. Most liberals (as Americans call them – here in Australia they are the Labor Party, or especially the wacko Greens) do not recognize the influence of relativism as a philosophy to which they adhere to religiously. Cross them and you find out just how much they believe in ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’. No, they want you to march in line and certain questions (by and large) are viewed as treachery. (Yes, I find your approach obfuscating.)

    Here’s a sample (as general questions, btw, not necessarily directed at you):

    “Why do you ignore what science says about when a human life begins?”

    “Why do you ignore what the best medical science would say about the risk factors of homosexual behaviour?”

    “Why do you believe so strongly in manmade Global Warming but refuse to admit any evidence to the contrary?”

    I could go on about lots of other subjects, but as ikabod pointed out, discussion is welcome, what is irritating is the underlying belief that absolute truth cannot be arrived at on any subject. That horrifies me, as (apart from being logical internally inconsistent) it would condemn us to eternally discussing things but getting nowhere. If you engaged in a healthy level of “self-examination” I think you would discover that you are actually heavily influenced by that idea. Why else would it bother you that many here strongly hold to certain absolutes?

    And btw, thanks for pointing out the burning fuel thing, just seconds after I hit post I realized that I should have acknowledged your self-correction on that topic. But are you willing to go deeper?

    And yeah, David, that isn’t useful…

    • Longfellow
    • Posted August 11, 2009 at 8:26 pm
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    ikabod, I understand where you’re coming from in your response to me, but I’m afraid you misinterpreted my comment. Perhaps I should’ve been clearer. When I say words can be weapons, I mean in so far as that they can have tremendous power and deserve respect, not that they should be corralled and controlled. I presume you’re a supporter of gun rights as laid out in the Second Amendment, yes? All I’m saying is that words should be viewed in a similar light – they have the ability to bring down entire nations when precisely, intelligently applied. To throw around terms like “Marxist” willy-nilly is to waste ammunition. Consider “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Certainly he was well within his rights to cry wolf when there was none, but by doing so all he did was ensure that when there finally was a wolf, the cry had essentially lost its power.

    And with regard to running out commentators of a different political slant, you’re absolutely correct in your statement that Zack has been a gracious host to both sides, but to use Dailykos and their ilk as a parallel is intellectually dishonest. Have you ever been to Free Republic? I would argue they are a better right-wing parallel to Dailykos and company than Diversity Lane is, and they are equally rabid in their hounding of dissenters.

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