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  1. That reminds me of something topical….

  2. Can’t imagine what you have in mind, Dave.

  3. you think Sonia has a tattoo, too?! HA! (wait a minute..’tattoo too’?!)
    GOOD one, Zack!!

  4. As a zoroastrian transgendrian saggitarian, my legal judgment opens a can o’ whoopass o’er yours.

  5. Z: If she does, we can only imagine the imagery. (Does La Raza have a logo?)

    Dave: It’s mighty impressive, but you may have outminoritied yourself. For real street cred you need to be part of a put-upon GROUP. Yours sounds like possibly a minority so exclusive as to include but one member.

  6. Zoroastrian transgendrian saggitarians, untie!

  7. Theory is just fine
    remember that it’s unproven
    reality bites

  8. Dave: That’s great: the little-observed nexus between “unite” and “untie.” Nabokov in his college lectures used to remind his writing students that there was just the difference of one letter between “comic” and “cosmic.”

    Vegas: Reality really does bite when you’re losing your bedroom to the Racially Chic roomate of your wife. Thanks for putting it so elegantly.

    • Norman Hines
    • Posted May 30, 2009 at 10:10 am
    • Permalink

    La Raza’s slogans don’t sound nearly as scary in Spanish as they did in the original German, back in 1933.

  9. Another great point, Norman. If you’re gonna be a racist, do it in a Romance Language: the bigotry rolls off the tongue far more melifluously that way.

  10. LOL, Zack. Your last comment to Norman reminds me of a true story I read somewhere. A lady applying for a driver’s licence was asked by the lady behind the counter “how do you pronounce your last name?”
    The ladie’s name was “Waljyoo” and she pronounced it “Wah-lee-oo”. She pronounced it for the lady behind the counter and added, “it’s melodious.”
    “So,” asked the lady, “What part of Melodia are you from?”

    Don’t mind me. I’ve been out in the hot sun too long. Love the ‘toon! 🙂

    • Norman Hines
    • Posted June 9, 2009 at 7:52 am
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    I’m a German-American (original family name Heinz), and I wish Judge Sotomayor (original family name Sotomeyer) would embrace her Germanic heritage as enthusiastically as she embraces her Hispanic heritage.

    After two world wars, our people have learned to “pass” for white (and, in her family’s case, Hispanic) so effectively that we risk loosing our ethnic heritage. That’s why September 15 through October 15 is German-American History Month.


  11. No problem Gayle,the joke was a new one to me so I’m not about to grouse at you. Careful out in that Globally Warming sun, though.

    Norman: Naaa– you Germans aren’t anywhere as chic these days as Latinos. Start breaking into the country in hordes with no money and you might be able to whip up a millisquidgeon of Leftist sympathy.

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