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  1. THAT is hilarious, Zack! I wondered what you were coming up with for Mem.Day, and you SURE didn’t let us down!
    FANTASTIC! Thanks!!
    By the way, no surprised ,but I come from a lot of siblings and only one went to Berkeley and only ONE voted for obama 🙂

  2. Z– Thanks. Am looking forward to checking out your own tribute to the vets– you never let us down.

    Can’t imagine which of your siblings voted for Obama, after getting the rundown on which one went to Berserkly.

    • Donna C
    • Posted May 25, 2009 at 9:18 am
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    Another smiling Diversity! Be careful…we could get used to that! I am glad that you created today’s cartoon the way you did, with that beautiful little girl smiling…and most certainly, understanding.

    And to all our men and women in uniform…to those currently serving and whom will serve in the future; to those whom have served in the past, and to those whom have given all: Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  3. I linked this cartoon to the bottom of my Mem. Day post….it just has to make others smile!! Thanks.

  4. Pride for our country
    seems SO ten minutes ago
    thank those who gave All!

    • Norman Hines
    • Posted May 25, 2009 at 9:47 am
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    For Who’s sake, Comrade?

    Also, if the string holding his hair breaks, he’l go from hippie in a ponytail to redneck in a mullet in an instant.

    • Norman Hines
    • Posted May 25, 2009 at 9:49 am
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    And what’s he grilling, anyway? Surely not meat.

  5. Thanks to all previous commentators on this cartoon, who were too polite to mention that Diversity had the wrong hand over her heart. I have since corrected it (see current post). The drawing was originally designed in reverse but then I realized you wouldn’t be able to read the covers of the important and unexpected literature Allison and Devon are so engrossed in. After flopping the whole thing I forgot to correct Diversity’s tribute to the flag and all our beloved vets.

    Not that anyone else in the family would have noticed.

    More responses to all your comments later!

    • Melek
    • Posted May 25, 2009 at 10:14 am
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    God Bless our Country and Everyone Who Defends Her!!

    Way to go Diversity! Keep that hand on your heart little girl! No matter how hard they try to alter reality, you can discern the truth for your self … there’s no use in reasoning with the unreasonable … and their phony causes … let Devon and Allison memorize their books on The One, of course … written by The One, based on “his story” …

    I look forward to checking out your incredible cartoons, Zack … but I also look forward to reading the witty and talented comments by the regulars at The Lane … It’s good to know that I’m not alone!!!

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.” ~ Dr. G. Brock Chisolm

  6. Damn…Norm stole my thunder.

  7. Vegas: Yeah, I can’t even remember the last time the Left had pride for this country. They hated the 50s– too square. the 60s were liberating but we were fighting this hegemonistic war to take over Asia then. Maybe the day Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation?

    Beautifully said, Donna. No room for a joke there, just a heartfelt Thanks to our bravest from the bottom of all our hearts (except the Lanes’).

    You sound just a bit too familiar with this hairstyle and what it can do, Norman… how exactly are you wearing yours these days? And leave it to you to pick up on the meat angle, weren’t you raised next door to a slaughterhouse or something? Of course you’re right though, these could ONLY be meatless burgers. Whether tofu or the more “now,” more “happening” seitan is anyone’s guess.

  8. Thanks Melek, and I can hardly disagree– my commentators flesh out this site brilliantly and I myself crack up reading some of them. Your own comments and quotes are amazing and you’re never at a loss for a profound quotation. (I hope people are collecting and borrowing them for their own blogs… heck, for their own LIVES for that matter.)

    Dave– if I can get KoolAid Man to drop by will you come back?


  10. The problem is that if he ran into a hockey player with that haircut he’d get stomped, because only real men can wear mullets and live to tell about it…

  11. ‘chris’ in the exclamation refers to who, exactly? Seeing as a liberal would never do anything for the sake of a figure who is mythical in their view.

  12. The Detail Zack, excellent!! “Obama, his life” and “Borack” And of course, DIVERSITY! It’s funny also because they are barbecuing, why? They don’t know!! LOL!!!!

    • Norman Hines
    • Posted May 26, 2009 at 10:20 am
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    Zack: I grew up on a small beef farm (about 30-40 head) in rural Wisconsin. My dad’s farm was next door to Russel’s Meat Packing, which unfortunately is defunct. They made excellent hot dogs, and if you brought them the deer you bagged, fantastick venison summer sausage!

    I try to keep my hair in the retro 50’s look, but the hair places don’t seem to know how to cut for a normal part on the right. I’d love to find a suit and fedora ensemble like Sam Spade, but it’s too hot for that.

    • Donna C
    • Posted May 26, 2009 at 10:42 am
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    Oh heavens no, Norman! Meat? Blasphemy! What the Lanes are grilling is nothing less than meat alternative burgers, chock full of tofu (curdled soy milk), seitan (wheat gluten), surimi (processed hash from fish) and lab grown animal tissue which is endorsed by PETA.


    *Looks for vomit bag*

    • ikabod
    • Posted May 26, 2009 at 2:39 pm
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    Diversity knows who to thank for her freedom. Not the 3 loungers….I watched the military channel with the kids all day on Monday. Sorry kids Hillary Duff didn’t risk her life nor leave their families to keep you free. Those that are with us and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice deserve your thoughts, your respect, your prayers. And ya know what those same kids, out there right now watching the fence, keeping the wolves at bay. Will continue to do so, protecting those who despise the country they will lay down their lives for.

  13. Vegas: How would Alex ever run into a hockey player in Berkeley? I don’t think violent warlike games like that are even allowed on TV there.

    Scott: Of course that’s true, and Norman alluded to it as well. “For chrissake” is a meaningless expletive to these people, like “good grief” or “wow.” It has no more import for them than what’s for dinner tonight. Much less import, in fact.

    Jose: True– the day off to barbeque tofu steaks has zero to do with honoring our vets, much more to do with reveling in their escape fom that awful capitalist activity: earning a living.

    Good to get some of that info, Norman, I knew there was a heavy meat background. Dismaying to hear of the scarcity of adequate haircutting places around there. In Berkeley I understand a guy can get a haircut and an ear piercing in the same sitting, if you’re interested.

    Thanks Donna, you’ve nauseated us all by revealing the contents of the Lanes’ nonmeat burgers. Tofu AND fish-hash? I may be fasting the rest of the day, and it’s not even Lent.

    Ikabod: Well said, and the Military Channel is a real gem. Don’t they even have their own version of Ameican Idol, with “American Sniper” or something? I love their Top Ten series (top ten bombers, tanks, etc.).

  14. San Jose has a hockey team Zach, the Sharks, so it is possible that he would run into one of them at some point.

  15. Vegas: I wouldn’t mind if he were to run into a REAL shark.

    • Tom
    • Posted July 25, 2009 at 12:58 am
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    Nobody doesn’t support the troops.


    • TUM
    • Posted August 6, 2009 at 4:13 pm
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    Hey, Zack. Just a quick question; do you really think that liberals are absolutely outraged by any sort of patriotism/ respect for the troops?

  16. TUM: Try to keep in mind that cartoons EXAGGERATE; that’s a lot of the foundational key to such exercises. That being said, I’ve most definitely known Leftist types who sharply distain patriotic gestures such as flag-waving. Haven’t you? Also: I never said these jokes apply to ALL liberals, nor even all Leftists. Nor did I say that “any sort of patriotism” is anathema to leftists. Again, cartoons exaggerate the characteristics of their targets in a generalizing way; they are not some kind of humorless legal statement, or cut and dried decree.

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