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Thanks for your patience over the last week or so in not receiving any Diversity Lane material in your email as usual.  I’ve run into a challenge on that count– am being labeled as “potential spam”– and need to arrange an alternate method of sending out my cartoons.  Please bear with me, I believe it will only be another day or two before things can resume as before.



  1. I’ve got you cleared in a filter for my yahoo mail, I hope you get this sorted out soon, love your work!

  2. Thanks Dave. The Pythons can either crack me up or drive me nuts, depending on the skit. Would still rather endure even their most over the top shenanigans than the beaurocratic idiocy my server has been serving up lately.

    Thanks J W– I’m well on the way to finishing up my alternate mailing approach, and from there all should be in order and the emails should look better than before (not saying much since they were no more than a drawing on a white page). Appreciate your patience!

    • Donna C
    • Posted May 13, 2009 at 10:28 am
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    My FIL LOOOOVES Spam. Especially fried with cheese. {{{Shudder}}} He’s not well.

  3. who knew you could post videos in COMMENTS? WOW
    Hey, Zack! I hope you get the problem settled to your satisfaction!

  4. Z– Wow, that slipped right by me, but you’re right! Leave it to Dave, who routinely circumvents things nobody else can: cyberlaws, rationality, grammar…

  5. I hope you get everything squared away soon, Zack, and without too much hassle. I’m constantly amazed at your time-management skills with this blog and its art, especially compared to how little time I’m usually able to put into my own!

  6. Hey thanks Wes, I appreciate that. New system lookin’ real good as of tonight and I’m fairly certain I’ll be sending out a brand new drawing tomorrow. BTW your blog seems ever to serve up fresh new stuff, I LOVE stopping in there whenever I can and always find new goodies. One of my favorite blogs.

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