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  1. Is that a young Monica Crowley?

    • Melek
    • Posted May 1, 2009 at 2:35 pm
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    Little Diversity is indeed a minority these days … even in her dreams, logic and reason prevail!

    Sometimes … “timing” works out for someone’s agenda … consistent with Diversity’s nightmare, the president may had seized the “Sense of Urgency Moment” (so often applied these days) to rush confirmation (forget abortion stance, & campaign funding issues…) and complete his cabinet with Sebelius, as his Health & Human Services Secretary … and if the “pit” remains opened long enough, Healthcare reform (Socialized Medicine) will follow shortly.

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “The Octo-potus is claiming his space and flexing his grip. As far as he’s concerned, it’s Barack Obama’s country. We’re just living in it.” ~ Brian Doherty

  2. Dave: It is. Long before the radio show, long before The McLaughlin Group, the renowned conservative warrior princess made her debut as Diversity Lane.

    Right, Melek: Everything’s a crisis, everything needs action NOW. (Read: before the slow-witted populace gets wise to him and the tomatoes start flying.) Love the Doherty quote. In Socially Conscious literary tradition, “The Octopus” represented big business with all its tentacles of control. Why are liberals incapable of realizing the blazingly obvious fact that government is the biggest business of all?

  3. MONICA CROWLEY??????????????

  4. Very funny, Z. (By the way have you ever tried to count multiple symbols on a page such as question marks? Makes you dizzy.) Anyway, you have to know Dave, the original commentator you’ve referenced, in order to get that one. He’s one smart cookie but possessed of a particularly unique –some might say warped?– perspective and mode of expression. In our day he might have been called a “sketch.” Side note: I think Monica Crowley’s a scream. One of the few conservative talk show hosts who can actually get you in a good mood while enlightening you on the hideous realities of modern American politics.

  5. She did a song parody of “mana mana” with The Hussein saying “blah blah blah blah.”

  6. Wow! Look at the expression on the mother, she’s kinda pissed that she had to wake up to comfort and reassure her daughter that it was just a bad dream. Or was it?????????? Is my observation correct Zack? Or am I overreacting? Poor little girl, what will they do to change her?

  7. I’ve stopped by a couple of times but until now I have been, gasp, a lurker. Your cartoons are hystrerical. You nail the left.

  8. Jose nails it. The look on disapproval on the adult face is pitch perfect. That’s what really puts this one over the top for me. The level of detail (like this, or the Obama magazine rack in an earlier one) that you put into these cartoons continues to astound me, Zack.

    Speak of dreams, I had one the other night where Joe Biden resigned as Vice President. It was a good dream, at least until he was replaced by Arlen Specter…

  9. seal the border?
    the prudent thing one should do
    challenge not the ‘One’

  10. Dave: I think I heard that on Monica’s show the other day. She hates his guts, and in a very real way, so do I. I’m tired of the genteel, “hate his policies/don’t mind him as a person” approach to this super-creep. Am I off base and neanderthal here? I mean if you believe his policies in a score of different ways are dramatically undermining the United States, shouldn’t you hate him for it?

    Jose: No, you’re incredibly on the money. It took me awhile to get that expression just right– how high to arch the eyebrow, what to do with the mouth, etc… I’m thrilled that observant friends like you are actually picking up on this stuff. Thanks!

  11. Thanks Chuck, I’m glad you dared to step inside. This is a Swine Flu Free Zone, and you’re always safe and welcome here.

    Appreciate that very much, Wes… yeah, you won’t find too many Florence Henderson type moms around this house.

    BTW any dream featuring Joe Biden isn’t a dream, it’s a nightmare. What did you have for dinner?

    Vegas: Perfectly on pitch, as usual. I like that archaic “challenge not.”

    • Donna C
    • Posted May 3, 2009 at 1:53 pm
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    Well now, don’t I feel the shmuck! I always thought that Devon was the Lane’s neighbor. But seeing Devon cozied up in bed with Mrs. Lane. Dare I ask…are they a polyamory family? That IS Devon I’m seeing there in bed with Mrs. Lane, right?

    Absolutely brilliant, Zack!

  12. Donna, it’s an ‘open marriage’, monogamy is so outdated in this modern age!

  13. Hitler was fond of children & dogs. And a vegan to boot. HOW could anyone hate such an eloquent & charismatic man?

  14. He also promoted polygamy to build up the “Master Race” David. What a guy!

  15. Hope und change!

  16. Dave, that was perfect! Good thing I was not drinking anything or I would have watered my monitor!

  17. Donna: Oh that’s Devon alright. She, Allison and Alex do indeed have a polyamoric (great word!) marriage– well, sort of: Devon wouldn’t be caught dead with Alex or any man, and neither would any man be drawn to her, can you blame them? It’s like Vegas said (thanks for pinch-hitting, Greg): an oh-so-cool, oh-so-modern Open Marriage between three utterly wacked out lefties.

    Dave– it must be late; how did Hitler figure into this forum? Not that I mind the digression: after a discussion of Devon he comes as great comic relief.

    Vegas– I didn’t know about the polygamy angle vis-a-vis Hitler. A real free-fuhrer-all, huh?

    That WAS a good one Dave, and as with Vegas my keyboard may have been at risk had I been drinking. It’s a miracle I wasn’t: serious drinking goes so well with reading the news these days.

  18. Zack I was watching something about 1930’s Germany on either The History or Military Channel and they were talking about how Himmler started up the program to build up the master race. Since nothing in Germany was done without permission from Hitler it was an obvious connection.

    At least Spector is giving the dems fits now as well…

  19. Vegas: I love the Military Channel. The History Channel can be great, but is there a Left-lean? I seem to rarely find anything there on, e.g., Churchill, or some of the great American WWII generals, just to name a couple examples. Is there violence-drenched heroism a part of history that the History Channel finds icky?

    Your citing of Spector within the same Comment as polygamy is vaguely unsettling, since no man, woman or animal would want any part of him.

  20. Not unless he gets you to 60 votes, then he’s a hunk o burning love!

    • Luis Mexicano
    • Posted August 10, 2009 at 12:13 pm
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    F**k You. I hope that breach in our north border closes soon so I dont have to worry about f**k ups like yo

    • asdfsadf
    • Posted August 11, 2009 at 3:25 am
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    And you live in Texas too?

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