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    • Ikabod
    • Posted April 27, 2009 at 3:16 pm
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    I’m sure the love fest of the first 100 days will turn into the first 6 months, the first year, second year etc… but the media will find it just so damned hard to be critical of his O’ness!

  1. Ikabod: I know. It’s like besmirching your god… spraypainting the alter of your church… that kinda thing.

  2. OH, don’t ya just WISH he’d GO HOME? ANYWHERE but HERE?
    Kenya? Venezuela? Libya? Dubai?
    he could be stinking rich, I’m FINE with that…! Just GO SOMEWHERE!!

    but, alas……….

    great cartoon, Zack!!

  3. Z: How about the moon? (I’m worse than you: I don’t feel I’m safe with him anywhere on the planet.)

    Thanks for stopping in!

  4. I…..HAVE….A….GIFT

  5. And it’s so true, Dave, Obama IS a man of great gifts. A gift for bankrupting nations, a gift for making friends with terrorists, a gift for toadying up to despots…

  6. …and a great gift for emptying our wallets “for the common good.”

  7. Dave: I’ve actually had heated, over-dinner conversations with liberals in which I was scornfully apprised that “I should be PROUD to pay significant amounts in taxes.”

  8. I suppose that they take their own advice…or do they also work for non-profits?

  9. Dave, liberals never take their own advice about paying taxes, just look at the last five failed Obama appointments.

  10. Good thing there are no rich liberals.


  11. Dave: I’m starting to think there are none who AREN’T rich.

  12. Just over three months
    Yet it seems like forever
    what a dark tunnel

  13. Vegas: So dark that I can forsee a presidential limo crash coming down the line.

  14. Oh, goody more of my money down the crapper…

  15. Ordinarily that would be true, Vegas; but my metaphorical crash represents the Obama presidency, so go limo go, and bring on that good crash.

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